Would I become pale if I was a vegan?!

Question: Would I become pale if I was a vegan?
I don't get tan, but I'm not like a vampire. If I became a vegan would I turn pale because lack of protein?


Whether you tan or not has very little to do with what you eat, compared with your genetics and how much time you spend in the sun. That is, eating lots of carotene might give you kind of an orange pallor, for example (think Snookie). But, it certainly has nothing to do with whether you're eating vegan.

i don't know. do you think i'll be able to dance after my surgery?

eat a well balanced vegan diet with proper supplementation, activity and exposure to the sun and you should maintain your color.

honestly, you should understand what this lifestyle choice means and entails before you make yourself sick.

You would not have lack of protein if you were vegan.

You would have lack of protein if you didn't eat protein.

There are more vegan foods that have good full protein, than there are meat foods with protein.

Some vegans do, indeed, have a pale complexion because they follow an unhealthy diet. As long as you do your research and follow a healthy diet, your complexion will be just fine.


You think less protein means less pigment in your skin?

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You are attributing a lot of magical power to the vegetable sir.

No... Vampires are pale and they are definitely NOT vegan.

probably not!

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