Whey Protein..help me out real quick!?!

Question: Whey Protein..help me out real quick!?
Okay so I just got some Whey Protein and it says to put 34 grams. Can someone tell me how much that would be in cups, OZ, or ml? Thank you


grams are a measurement of weight, and not knowing what exactly is in your protein shake means i cannot tell you how much to add

34 grams of protein is a typical amount for one scoop of protein (the scoop should be inside the bottle). that can be added to 8oz or more. keep in mind though that 34 grams of protein is also entirely excessive.

1 Gram = 0.03527396195 Ounces multipled by 34 would be 11.9 ounces. That just doesn't sound right to me. Protein powder is usually mixed into a liquid. If your recipe is for a very large amount of beverage, then this could be right, but otherwise, I think there's an error somewhere.

Whey isn't vegan, so, zero ounces. :p

learn math plz

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