What is an everyday vegetarian diet?!

Question: What is an everyday vegetarian diet?
Even in between snacks?
I have been a vegetarian for about 9 months now, and I'm just curious what other people eat.


1 large, raw bulky salad per day.

For breakfast I usually have one or two of the following:
-Steel-cut oatmeal with crushed flax seeds, blueberries and real maple syrup
-Granola, dried fruit with oat milk
-Green smoothie (strawberries, bananas, blueberries, lime juice, OJ, spinach)
-"Cheese" Polenta cakes (nutritional yeast gives the cheese flavor)
-Scrambled tofu with scallions

For lunch/dinner I come up with new recipes every week, but last week I had:
-Black bean enchiladas. Served with home-made corn chips, guacamole & salsa
-Red bliss potato casserole with black eyed beans
-Turkish red lentil soup, with Muhamarra dip and toasted pita
-Tempeh BLT Salad w/ vegenaise and smoky tempeh strips.
-Sweet and Sour Crispy Tofu with Chinese brown rice.

-Raw chocolate mousse pie
-Goji/hemp/cocoa balls with shredded coconut
-Home-made granola
-Pumpkin seeds

I also made these incredible vegan hummingbird cupcakes with a yummy frosting.

Average breakfast- toast with nut butter, oatmeal, or bagel- usually has fruit, nuts, and grain.

Lunch when I have to pack is a main- pasta, soup, a sandwich, or a bean burrito- and a few sides- trail mix, celery and hummus, some fruit, granola bars, dry cereal, power bars, edamame, bean or potato salad are some common sides.

Post-run snack is either a clif/luna/lara bar, a pbj, or some crackers, fruit, bean salad, or leftovers from lunch- anything with carbs and a bit of protein

Dinner is whatever the heck I feel like making, varies a ton and I really can't answer. Sometimes I don't have dinner at all, but a series of snacks, because I'm so busy :)
Soups, chili, pasta, 'pizza', stir-fries, curries, the occassional microwave meal, burritos/tacos, leftovers, casseroles, pasta salad- anything quick on the weekdays works.

breakfast eggs or cereal, or a bagel. Some piece of fruit always included

lunch;always a salad and something else; Soup(or meatless chili) or a sandwhich etc

Dinner; whatever mom cooks. Often salad with pasta, or tacos(meatless obviously, veggie burgers etc.

Snacks; fruit, yogurt, sometimes chips

Obviously I am not a vegan but I am a vegetarian

Breakfast: kashi cereal, oatmeal (apple cinnamon or one of the creamy versions), egg white omelets with laughing cow cheese and mixed veggies (usually peppers and spinach), bagels with cream cheese or butter, or whole grain toast with nutella or peanut butter (organic)
Lunch: veggie burgers (all different types boca or morning star), chick'n patties, meatless turkey sandwiches with cheese and lettuce, grilled cheese, salads, soups, chillies, falafel, meatless corndogs/hotdogs, amy's kitchen organic tamales or enchiladas
Dinner: similar to lunch but I usually have more grains at dinner.
Snacks: raw fruits and veggies, cookies, brownies, cakes, ice cream, etc, rice cakes, granola bars

I was raised vegetarian and when you think about it, there isn't a lot that we can't have. Any meat can be substituted.

BIrcher Muesli- oats, raw yoghurt ( soy), grated apple, rasisin, walnuts, soak oats in yoghurt and other ingredients overnight. Eat...with brown sugar.

Raw sprouted bread with hummous and almonds or some tomato soup ( gazpacho this week).
Soaked lentill salad with banana and soysauce ( it's good)

Cashew and date bars- with sesame seeds, coconut cream and walnuts.

Lima bean, white asparagus and cream ( soy) soup, with kale and olive oil. Raw bread with earth balance, marmite.
Cup of tea with soymilk. Loads of those.

vegetable salad

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