is this weird? i can eat breakfast food all day.?!

Question: Is this weird? i can eat breakfast food all day.?
sausage, eggs, pancakes, basically anything to do with breakfast i can eat it all day everyday.
i love breakfast and i think i can eat it for the rest of my life.
is anyone the same way?


Society's idea of what should be FOR breakfast is almost as dumb as what SHOULDN'T be for breakfast, me for instance, I eat tuna sammiches for breakfast, best thing ever. Chocolate dipped banana for dinner. Stuff like that. In Japan they have soup for breakfast, now THAT'S the way to do it. My mom tried to tell me that for some reason this kind of thing isn't right, don't listen to that crap.

No, Trevor.

Not many in the VEGAN AND VEGETARIAN SECTION are likely to eat sausage and eggs every day.

You sound extremely unhealthy, btw.

I am going to ignore the fact you mentioned sausage and eggs and say no, it's not weird at all. Sometimes I have cereal for dinner. xD

You can eat no cost in fast food areas including mcdonalds or burger king, but you have to be quick!

Yes, eat breakfast, so you must be healthy body before.

if that includes fruit and multi whole grain products it might be healthier.

it's not weird..I can eat tacos with hot sauce in every meal..but I like eggs for dinner a lot of the time.


(I said sausage in the vegy section...nanner nanner nanner...hehe)


sure go ahead thats why some places serve breakfast all day

vegan or not

i like it but not that much

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