How to turn into a vegetarian?!

Question: How to turn into a vegetarian?
Hi, im 12 yrs old and I'm thinking about becoming a vegetarian:))
I'm confident that I can stop eating beef, pork, lamb etc.
But the problem is that I like chicken and seafood. Could I consider myself a vegetarian if I eat fish and chicken?
and is there a way that I could slowly make myself into a vegetarian that does not eat chicken? (I love suchi so I still want to eat seafood.)
So the main question is how to make myself into a pescatarian!
plzz, this will change my life!

ps. can I still consider myself as a pescatarian if I eat chicken once in a month or so?


I'm proud of you for doing that! It's harder than you think but I'm sure with a lot of self-will and determination you can reach your goal! Slowly, start cutting down your portions of meat, then chicken, by incorporating many salads, vegetarian snack wraps, etc. Make sure you still get all the proteins to maintain a healthy diet through a variety of vitamins and veggies! Good luck!

You can't eat animal flesh and call yourself a vegetarian. Fish is an animal. Chickens are animals. Vegetarians don't eat animals.

Buy a few books on veggie cooking and nutrition...its important to replace the nutrients that you would normally get from meat. Its easy to be a healthy vegetarian but you do need to know where to get certain nutrients.

As for staying off the chicken, its just a case of willpower I'm afraid! There are some good "chicken substitute" veggie things which are actually quite tasty.

Vegetarians do not consume chicken or seafood. Pescatarians do not consume chicken.
You just want to cut out red meat, and from a health standpoint, and an environmental one, it's a good start.
No, you should not call yourself a vegetarian or a pescatarian. Just say "I don't eat red meat."

If you're looking for vegetarian tips and info, The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has a Vegetarian Starter Kit which should be helpful.

Give it a go, eat what your comfortable with, and don't worry about a label.
I went Vegetarian when I was 11, and never regretted it, and never found it hard.
Now I am vegan and dont find that hard either (and 36 years old)

most of my life Veg*n

i became a vegetarian when i was 14
i don't eat red meat, chicken or fish
i still eat dairy and eggs
you don't need to eat fish, go the whole way and go veg!
it was one of the best choices i ever made!
i'm 28 now

well you dont HAVE to become a vegetarian, but if you must... then dont like meat, you are considered a vegetarian when you dont like meat!!!!!! so if you like meat there is no reason to become a vegetarian.

Watch this video it's on youtube it's called Meet your Meat. If you still want to eat chicken after watching that then don't bother calling yourself a vegetarian. Just say you don't eat red meat for health reasons.

Being a vegetarian is so easy but the process in it is so difficult. Maybe you can slowly program yourself on what you really want to eat. A planned diet will be a good start.

Definatly reasearch, theres lots to know, and yea your right there is also some veggies that still eat fish and seafood. go for it!

A veggie

do not get attracted to non veg items and avoid eating them.

research it on line sites join forums that will help you with the process.

try to get help from a doctor

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