Vegetarians: What do you think of this billboard in Wales?!

Question: Vegetarians: What do you think of this billboard in Wales?
In the Welsh town of Merthyr Tydfil a billboard has been erected by Peta that states "Making kids eat meat is child abuse"…

What's your opinion on these kinds of posters?


Typical of PETA to make a statement without any reference to back it up. Also very typical of PETA is to put a picture of a child, an overweight one at that, and exploit the child to promote their agenda. Exposing that child in the picture to potential ridicule is in itself is child abuse, a very hypocritical stance that again PETA is well known for.

Which is really abusive to children? PETA making kids believe in fallacies and PETA adults exploiting kids for their own advantage or parents feeding kids food that they believe is best for their kids?

Well, if the kid is begging to be a vegetarian it's emotional abuse. Feeding them lots of red meat is going to predispose them to heart disease, so I guess you could call that child abuse. But if predisposing your kids to disease is abuse, then pretty much every modern parent is abusive... so I don't know if PETA's going for that.

Well, I wouldn't force meat on kids unless it was their choice, and I can understand that meats can be high in fat, but kids can get just as big even if they are vegetarians. Junk food, soda, pizza, etc. all makes kids fat as well, even if there is no meat involved. That's really bad to have up in public because it not only sounds stupid, but it's incorrect.

A well-informed vegan.

All PETA's campaigns aim to confront and they seem to think that "any attention is good attention". I think they have a negative effect and do not garner public sympathy to their causes. Having said this though, I believe attention is due for animal suffering and vegan causes, just not in such a radical way.

Also, too many vegie burgers could have the same result.

i've been veggie for 16 years and i think that is a totally ridiculous thing to state.
how are they even aloud to put that on a bill board anyway?!!!

it is my choice to not eat meat, but humans are omnivores - it is the way we have evolved to survive.
meat eaters could say exactly the same thing about being vegetarian ....

The MEat Promotion org in Wales, should not have claimed that red meat is an essential part of a diet.
That's just asking for it.

A plant based diet is much much healthier than one containing regular meat. I don't disagree with the sentiment behind the poster, but I wouldn't put up a poster like that. That's just going to put people off with the language.

Both stupid parties.

I think a plant-based diet has many health benefits,
and that parents feed their kids tons of unhealthy junk thinking it's "healthy"-
(the vaguely orange-flavored sugar water commonly known as orange juice, for instance).

That is all.

I would agree more if it was about fast/junk food. The parents that feed their kids McDonalds every week because they're too lazy to cook are really upsetting.

Well, I have been told several times that raising my kids vegetarian is child abuse. I would say that this billboard is going too far and causing dissent.

I am neither way, they have a right to say what they believe same as maccas can advertise. Just ignore it if you don't like it I say.

Typical Peta propaganda.

its just sayin dont force anybody to do something

only peta would do that. thats silly and its only going to be a joke.


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