cinnamon burns my tongue when i take it as a med, what can i do?!

Question: Cinnamon burns my tongue when i take it as a med, what can i do?

I take cinnamon capsules for my diabetic condition, it helps low my sugar levels, most pharmacy's now carry a capsule with cinnamon in t, just swallow them with the handful of mineral, vitamins and meds I take a day, you can take up to 3 per day, best with meals.

Take normal medicine instead?

I wasn't aware that cinnamon had any medicinal properties of note. I am skeptical of herbal medicine, and alternative medicine in general.

Cinnamon for a medicine? What for? It's HOT especially when broken down as an oil. That stuff is super hot. As a kid we used to soak toothpicks in it and chew on them.

Cinnamon will cause a burning sensation when taken by itself. This is what gives Big Red and Denteyne gum it heat and breath-freshing properties. It can be tempered with sugar.

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