Does anyone know of any children's multivitamins that DO NOT contain gelatine?!

Question: Does anyone know of any children's multivitamins that DO NOT contain gelatine?
I'm looking for a brand of children's multivitamins that DO NOT contain gelatine or any animal derived ingredients. Must be available in the UK too please.


I suspect from your question that you're after a "chewy" type of kids multivitamin as these are mostly the ones that contain gelatine.

There are a number of brands of "tablet" like multivitamins that don't contain gelatine, but nearly all of these do contain some ingredients from animal sources (eg. Vitamin D is a common one.)

If you want to avoid all animal ingredients completely (including gelatine) then you would be best to go for a brand that is approved by one of the vegan organisations.

The best brand that I have come across is called Mr. Tumees. These are a chewy "gumee" type of supplement which our kids have and absolutely love. It's a US brand and is approved by but I buy it online in the UK and it always arrives really quickly. I've listed the websites that I've found selling it in the UK. I hope that this helps.

I can't tell you the name of a brand - but I'm pretty sure that the health stores have some that say "suitable for vegetarians" - they wouldn't contain gelatine.

Superdrug's own make are suitable for vegetarians.

Says so on the bottle.

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