Vegan in the urge of quitting!?!

Question: Vegan in the urge of quitting!?
Im a vegan going strong for 6 months and Im really, really craving for a n and out burger bad. I am currently active. I lift weights and invovled in arboic activities. I'm getting tierd of preparing my own food in addtion, I might give up! Your thoughts, should I eat that burger or simply no..


GO to a vegan cafe and eat their burgers.
In n OUt is run by a Nazi anyway-
fries- get them at Fatburger- they're vegan.
Here's a list of veg/an restaurants and cafes in SoCal ( is that where you are?)…
Why bother for just one bite of juice? If you want rich melting juicy burgers, meat isn't that all the time- they're chewy and rubbery more than vegetarian burgers- which have the best juices.

There's the vegan taco joint- it's famous- near LACC…

Don't stop just for a solitary bite.

Why are you vegan in the first place?
If it is for health, why on earth would you want to eat junk like a burger?
If it is for animal rights then there is no question, don't eat it because you'll be a hypocrite.

We all have cravings from time to time, they pass. Sounds like you need some vegan friends you can eat with so you don't have to cook all the time. Look into vegan social networks in your area, try yahoo groups or facebook etc to find what's available. If veganism is inconvenient for you, remember how inconvenient it must be for the cow that bled to death from a gaping wound in it's throat in order for that burger to be sold.

vegan biologist

I am not a vegan (I'm vegetarian) but good for people who are and you! It seems extremely hard!

Look, if you're really unhappy with your diet then you don't HAVE to be a vegan. It's great if you're doing it for animals or health but forcing yourself to do something you don't like sounds awful!

If you're doing it for health then you can eat meat and still be healthy. Btw, an in & out burger isn't healthy lol. Maybe if you want it just once in a while...

Or you could even try being a vegetarian for a little bit. You may find you have a little more options.

You could even try eating vegan/vegetarian for everyday but give yourself a meat eating day. I know that wouldn't be a "true" vegan/vegetarian but I say do what you can!

You're body may not be use to eatingg meat when you spend so much time not eating it but it could be worth a try :)

Good luck!

Just eat the burger and get it over with. You're not a vegan! You're not even vegetarian.

It won't be the end of the world if you eat a burger. You can go back to being vegan tomorrow.

Just eat the damn burger.

Yes, eat 2 of them.

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