Did I eat too much????????? HELP?!

Question: Did I eat too much????????? HELP?
Breakfast: 2 carrot sandwiches. 1 slice of cheese, 1 small cucumber.Homemade orange juice.(And iron supplement)

Snack: ? banana & 1 apple.

Lunch: 1 cup of macaroni, 6 chicken slices..about 100 - 120 gram. 2 tablespoons carrot stripes (10 - 30 gram)

snack: An apple

snack: 8 chocolate pieces.

Dinner: 7 cauliflowerests. (Like 7 of the whole cauliflower) it was boiled with water and with a little salt.

Exercise: Walking. And ice skating for 3 hours (slowly)

I'm recovering from my eating disorder....so did I eat too much :( feels like it!! :'(


Miranda- no it is NOT TOO MUCH. Actually it is too little for you. You need nurturing.

please google "eda" and you'll see "eating disorders anonymous.org"

there's a live chatroom the whole time- please use it, it's important to share that.

Sounds heathy but not as fun as eatting what ever you want here's a hint as long as you don't drink a lot of soda and butter you will stay thin just drink water flavored if you like use good judgement. Is this fatty food? Lean meat, vegatables with salt and pepper,lots of fruit. Just remember no soda. Try to drink 8 cups a day.

Not at all, and try to stop worrying about it and be happy. My sister suffered from anorexia for years and now she realizes that it was such a waste of time and life. Believe me, you can get over this and be happy. You deserve to be happy!!

You not only didn't eat too much, you didn't eat enough. Chicken is not vegetarian, so you have placed this question in the wrong category. You may get more helpful feedback if you place this in the health category.

Why have you put this question in the vegetarian and vegan section? Only, i don't really think it's appropriate since you said you ate chicken.. Try diet and fitness.

no, you are not eating too much. You need to add more protein( more more chicken or fish or almonds).
As long as you keep exercising you wouldn't have trouble burning extra calories.

you could probably eat a little more. try a handfull of nuts maybe? Its good to see you're working on a healthier life style

You should eat more. Most people need 1000 to 1200 calories a day.

Have fun dying of starvation, ima go have a few burgers.

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