Vegans and vegetarians-What do you think of PETA in the ALF?!

Question: Vegans and vegetarians-What do you think of PETA in the ALF?
I don't want omnis answering because we all know what they think. For those of you who don't know what the ALF is google it (its not the furry alien thing). I support both of them a lot. I know many people who have turned veg because of PETA videos


I don't like Peta at all. I like the ALF principle of liberation without harm but it is unfortunate most people write them off as terrorists without looking at the guidelines. Sadly most people don't even realise anarchist organisations can have guidelines! But I don't approve of everything done under the ALF banner, my sympathy towards them is more due to the corruption of governments who have imprisoned activists and given them sentences which are extremely harsh relative to their "crime". For example there is a woman in the UK currently serving 14 years for having a list of names of HLS employees hidden in her house, whereas gang rapists are unlucky if they get more than about 7 years gaol. Now that's justice!

vegan biologist

I'm all for the welfare of other animals (I really am!).. but PeTA and ALF are ****ing crazy..

And I'm a vegetarian.

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