can i buy protein powder like N.O. XPLODE as a miner?!

Question: Can i buy protein powder like N.O. XPLODE as a miner?

Hello everyone, After reading some of my other articles reguarding protein powder I decided to write yet again another article about the amazeing powers of NO Explode. No Explode is a supplement that helps to raise energy levels and overall weight lifting performance. This stuff is a miracle in a jar. What this stuff does unlike protein powder is it helps to "pump" open your veins. This helps to send more healthy nutrients to you muscles. Besides that it also has the ability to help achevive the weigth lifters main friend, aka the "pump." A pump is a very amazeing feeling that one gets when they are lifting alot of weight or maybe just high reps. This feeling makes ur breath good, feel good, and lift good. Now one can acheive this without using No Explode but using it helps to obtain it and not only that it makes the "pump" even stronger! Now if this wasent enough did you know that No Explode, like some protein powder also contain creatine monohydrate. Yes this supplement also contains the world know miracle substance creatine! Creatine is a substance found in many protein powders, it is naturally found in red meat but in lower levels. When taken creatine absorbs water in the muscles, this helps the muscles recover faster between sets aswell as recover better in a whole. I myself have used No Explode many times to experence its "miracle properties." Now with thats said, if you are a athelete that maybe trains once a week than No Explode is not for you. If you are a athelete that pushed his or her self every day, always striveing to be better, than No Explode is for you! So with that said if you want to be the best bodybuilder you can be than get some No Explode! But let us not forget protein powder!

Miners are very important to the energy needs of our country and perform a difficult, dangerous and grueling job. There should be no discrimination against miners, it isn't like they are minors.

I would suggest you be more concerned on learning how to spell over protein powder. I recommend getting your proteins from food.

Yes you can. I bought them all the time during high school when i was under the age of 18

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