Why Do they lie about Marijuana?!

Question: Why Do they lie about Marijuana?
Me and my boys Copped some Weed From This Pothead. We Smoked some The Monday morning before School and i gotta admit i was hesitant about going, but I Went any way and i usually dont get any work done. But This day i felt so enthusiastic about learning. I learned a months worth of what my classmates didn't get understand in algebra in a day. and i also finished all of the at home assignments we recieved today. Now i'm not sure about this but I thought that weed makes you a lazy bum but i felt in a good mood today and it was all because of the weed.


Exactly my point dude. (: Im glad you understand how good marijuana is to you.
When I was 12 is when I first started smoking it. I will admit I was being stupid and not getting homework done. But what can I say? I was 12.
When I was 14 and hit high school I started doing the same exact thing. Nothing.
Then when I was blitzed out of my mind in class my mind was wandering why people were doing their work. I was thinking this "Why is everyone doing their homework? Bunch of nerds." and then it hit me... Homework affects your chances of graduating high school. You dont graduate high school your not going to college. Your not going to college and dont have a high school diploma your going to be living in a trailer park working at Mc. Donalds full time for the rest of your life. No good looking wife. No car. No home. No bud. No bongs. No friends. Nothing. You dont graduate you mess up your entire life. I literally had an epiphany in class haha. I started doing my homework then and there and now I have a 3.5 GPA and Im a junior in high school.

And everyone of you that say its a "drug" are literally retarded. Its not a drug and it shouldnt be illegal. Why its not a drug is because marijuana is a plant. You dont need to add chemicals into it to make you get a high feeling like cigarettes, meth, coke, alcohol, heroin, etc etc. Just picked right off the plant rolled into a blunt and smoked. My grandpa smokes everyday all day and he gets his lungs tested every month. He has NO black tar on his lungs. Even I was a disbeliever until he showed me his lung test reports.
And marijuana is illegal not because its a drug or it makes you crazy. Because it doesnt.
Its illegal because hemp was much easier and more efficient and durable to make then normal paper from wood. And it was putting big paper businesses out of business. And other businesses because hemp can be used for food, clothes, lotions, shampoos, etc etc. So the big paper businesses ran a petition to make it illegal and completely lied about it. Saying you'll become crazy and that it can kill you. Yet there has never been one report of someone dying or overdosing from marijuana in recorded history.

Weed makes you tired and hungry as a possible side effect. Weed is bad because it turns your lungs eversibley black after a year of smoking it, and it makes people ACT stupid, doesnt really turn you it.

Weed aint that bad, but if your smoken it and saying thnigs like boys and copped, your probably aint old enough to be smoken it

i'll tell you why peo[ple lie about weed they want all the drug monye for them seves or they genarl think it is bad for you i think it's better than beer or ciggrets, and has posstive heath benfits when a study is funded by a group that thinks weed is bad the results are tainted in that direction thoghs are the why people lie about weed

well its supposed to put you in a good mood, because that's the type of drug it is. The stereotypical druggie is a bum, because they want it to have a negative effect on the people who see them so that they don't do drugs.

Maybe because it lies under illegal drugs categories to some people it is not as effective as you say people differ and it makes me lazy

PIty that your learning spurt did not apply to English class where you may have learned all about grammar, punctuation and spelling.

It's because your forcing yourself to act normal in anyway necessary, you're actually learning more which is good

Who are "they", and what lies do they tell?

Let me guess, you're high right now, aren't you?

You sound like a real winner.

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