I fed a vegetarian meat?!

Question: I fed a vegetarian meat?
On purpose. I hid the steak in his apple and he seemed to enjoy it. Should I lace his food more often? And how can I hide a whole bird? Like in big cake, or what?



thats horrible.
you shouldnt be doing somthing like that (now matter how halarious, good job though).
he could have a very strong, emotional or mental reason for his lifestyle.

i would stop and NEVER bring it up, unless he goes back to eating meat, or he brings it up, in.. lets say 50 years (:

Yeh, he called me telling me the wimp hiding meat his room had a small peepee, so he pretended to eat it so the guy would have his only laugh on a saturday night. Cos he felt sorry for him.

Hey look a troll.


The best ingredient to stuff is troll meat. Absolutely delectable!

U shouldn't do that. When he finds out he will be VERY mad at you. If u chose not to eat something would u want someone to be sneaking it into ur food? And he will find out.

no u should not do it. u are impossing your belief in someone else life. he may get sick. how would like if someone is putting a drug in ur drink.

OMG friend of chip, this person has a small peepee?! LMAO
Someone give me a magnifying glass so i can see...

Lmfao trolll

What a load of trash. And the question's pretty bad too.

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