Do you find the disturbing that certain animals have become 'products' for consumption?!

Question: Do you find the disturbing that certain animals have become 'products' for consumption?
like chickens, cows etc...
I mean you will never find more than 10 cows or chickens lviing their lives out on a field somewhere, naturally, until l they die.....
These animals are now cultivated and breded Just for the purposes of being eaten, and the lives they live from birth to the dinner plate is nothing short of barbaric, dont you think? I mean most of the animals that wind up in places like fast food restaurants, supermarkets, ect... have all came from factory farming, since its the cheapest and cruelest way to make money without making any loses.


To those who dismiss this gentleman's concern with a flippant Who cares?, I hope you will at least do all the animals who give their lives that you might live, the courtesy of looking at their plight. Being an omnivore is one thing but playing Fritzl with their lives is another. God's creatures should not be subjected to the brutality and indignity they are subjected to every waking moment.
Below are just a few of the sites that detail human inhumanity against other species. Imagine creatures from outer space, bigger and more powerful than humans, deciding that since humans are 'inferior' creatures, they can throw them into crates and breed them for their dinner table. Imagine also that they claimed their god said it was OK because it's in their 'scriptures'. Scary thought, but that's what milions of people claim. In this vast cosmos, everyone regardless of species, has a right to a chance at happiness. Anyone who claims their god gives them a right to brutalize and destroy other species for their own ends prays to a false god.

Eating animals is not wrong in my opinion. Intensively farming them and pumping them full of chemicals and hormones IS, as is the cruelty and filthy conditions they live with daily and the way they are slaughtered.

That's why I'm vegan. To me humans have thrown nature right out of whack. I'm not a vegan who thinks meat-eating is unnatural. I KNOW my diet is unnatural, my tofu comes from soybeans shipped from some exotic country and my favourite fruits are exotic. However IMO my diet is still more natural than eating cruelly treated growth hormone fed factory farmed chicken. That is what I'm against. So yes, like you I'm against the idea of the animal as a product.

I find that very disturbing, that's why I became a vegetarian. Its so sad that animals have to Live their lives like that, because stupid and ignorant people have to interfere with their lives.
Dumb Humans.

First of all I don't think you know what your talking about. When was the last time you were on a farm or had any first hand experience of what you are talking about.
I don't have a problem with that at all. These animals were domesticated to be used as food.

same as i find any human accepted slaughter or abuse as disturbing, which we do have

this is how i rationalise it nowadays, we do this to our ownh species, so its not a shock we do it to ones less able to defend themselves

we arent particularly nice

No I do not find it disturbing.
Man (including vegans) has always used animals for our own purposes, and probably always will.


Definitely yes.

It's wrong, plain and simple to force semen into a pigs VJJ to make it pregnant.
I know what that is called in human terms....

That is how most livestock are made- by forced semen injection, with a farmers' hand.
Animals aren't objects, but humans treat like as such. Especially in the west where meat is deemed so important for survival and money ( the meat industry supports a huge percentage of the media, so nobdy is told that eating vegetables and tofu is more harmonious to health, not from TV or radio anyhow).

It's wrong to force pregnancies, and wrong to take the small babies out and keep them chained and create these poor lives of suffering, cruelty, and completely barbaric conditions.

Even so -called happy cows, bred for meat- I'm sorry, if you need to label your cows happy due to some pressure you've felt from the vegetarian societies around, then you've got bigger issues.
In history nobody ever called their cows happy, or free range, yet now they do, why?

Are the farmers trying to say that their cows DO have feelings and they're happy before being killed?
They're KILLED.
For crissakes. You can't kill a cow and the other cows don't know. Animals can sense a slaughterhouse, otherwise why would they scramble and run away.

It's a disturbing trend, especially now that people like farmers are aware of the language and try to appease the population by claiming their animals are well kept and happy.

It would be less hypocritical to say they weren't happy, and just cows , and didn't have awareness or feelings.

It's not necessarily more cruel then what nature provides on a regular basis. They get food, and protection from wild animals for their whole life (similar to we). Of course you'll get a cruel situation, but people can be held accountable, and are for mistreating living beings.

If you look at how life works on planet earth you'll see that "products for consumption" is seen commonly. The food chain is basically a map of who eats what products around here.

We as people are a bit different, we need to do special things to keep an ample food supply. Animals are grown on farms and bred for consumption. This is helping preserve what is left in nature. Imagine 6 billion people snapping back to hunter gatherer; the food would be gone!

The fact of the matter is is that these animals are DOMESTICATED (as they have been for the last thousands of years). So claiming that "if they were in the wild, they could live up to X years," as most animal rights activists do, is false. Without the farmer's care and feeding, these animals probably wouldn't even last a winter.

These animals have been bred and raised and slaughtered for humans since their domestication.

There is also no such thing as a factory farm. A Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) is what most AR activists refer to. I own one. Do you know how much regulation there is? To have a CAFO, you need an EPA permit, a CNMP, and yearly (or more often) inspections. Also, I do not treat my animals cruelly. Just because they are confined to an area does not mean I abuse my animals. I do take offense when uneducated persons bash me when they have never even been on a working farm and get their "facts" from animal rights websites. Please get educated, thank you. You should try to visit this website: - it is very informative and complete on all aspects of animal agriculture.

Lol... cattle as you know it, the specific breeds commonly used for farming no longer exist in the wild. You know what happened to them? They were either hunted for meat, domesticated for farming and the ones still wild, died of starvation when their natural habitat were converted to crop farms. Actually you can see 10 or more chickens in the wild.. It is quite common to see a hen and her chicks in forested areas in locations where they are a natural species. Roosters live solitary lives though.

Wild pigs are so abundant, in California and most of the US, there is no "bag limit" when it comes to hunting. You can shoot, if you want, as many pigs as you like. Wild sheep is not as abundant but they are definitely more than 10. The same is true for goats.

No it does not disturb me that some specific animals are bred solely for food any ore than it disturbs me that some animals are bred specifically to be exploited for human amusement( they are called pets) Those animals serve a purpose that is a fact of human life for thousands of years. And if you are going to argue that at least pets have a better life, I suggest you visit your local animal shelter every seven days.

And finally contrary to what you were made to believe, wild animals don't fare better. 70-80% of all wild animals born die before their first birthday, many of them seconds after birth some while still in their mother's wombs or in their eggs. ripped to shreds by predators, dying of thirst, starvation disease etc. Where do you think predators get their food, from a supermarket? What do you think "nature balancing out " means? They magically move to a more open space because the area where they are no longer can support them. "Cute and fluffy" in nature means easier to kill. Less food means the young, the old, the sick die off.
Your vision of animals living out in fields until they die of old age is a fantasy.

No, I don't find it disturbing that cows, chickens, pigs ARE products for consumption. They always have been. We have bred them up from their less productive ancestors for our consumption. They're alive and well treated until their death.

They don't want to go to the mall or college or vote or drive a car. They want to eat, breed and raise babies. That's what they do. Cows and chickens can't survive without humans taking care of them. There are wild hogs all over the southeast that are damaging the environment, but it's doubtful that many domesticated hogs could survive without the care they get from their owners.

You'll find a lot more than 10 cows and chickens living out their lies on a field naturally. There are hundreds, probably thousands of chickens being kept as pets in backyards. And lots of people keep cows well past their prime as pets and for their milk.

But don't let the facts get in the way of a rant....

Well I live in the United States right in the middle of farm country. I see farms everyday. I have worked on farms. I have even been to slaughter houses and livestock auctions. I can't recall in my 42 years of life anything that would be classified as barbaric. So to answer your question, No. I do not find it disturbing.

What I do find disturbing is people like you that have no clue what your talking about. Your only source knowledge of farm animals is what you saw or read on the PETA web site and yet you claim to know so much more than the average omnivore.

So disturbing, that I am working on a letter to the president to ban ALL meat and bi product use. It MUST be stopped!

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