i'd give anything to be a vegan, but many parents won't let me. what do i do?!?!

Question: I'd give anything to be a vegan, but many parents won't let me. what do i do?!?
i live with my dad and grandma, and both are very old-fashioned. my grandma does all the cooking and shopping. i have no idea how to cook. money is also always very tight with us. but the more i learn about veganism, the more it hurts me to not be a vegan. i simply have to. but how do i convince them to let me and buy me the food? i'm too young for a job, and they think veganism is silly. :( help!


You're young, so read, re-read, and they re-read again before you take action. Don't be bratty, be calm, and don't get angry about it.

Be non-confrontational about it, but firm. Make it clear that it may be silly to them, but it's something you take all too seriously. Say it's because you want to "expand your horizons", after all, if no-one ever tried anything new, we'd never have the medical advances we'd have today; we'd be extinct.

Make the option exceedingly easy for them to agree to - do your research, find a simple, cheap diet that you would be able to prepare yourself (I'd do this anyway, omnivores are obsessed with their cussing meat), and stick to your word about preparing it yourself. Maybe even look for wholesale discounts (but for the love of gosh, test the food first, and make sure you won't be sick of it after a few months). Most importantly, if you want to make a point, stick to it.

You can prove how dedicated you are to it, research the common areas that people reject Vegan-ism for (Calcium, Iron, Omega-3 and for swear's sake protein). Make good use of beans (especially Chickpeas)... get a pack of Flaxseed (Omega-3), Sunflower Seeds/Almonds (Vitamin E) and perhaps Poppy Seeds (Calcium) and Brazil Nuts (one nut gives you over 100% Selenium). Seeds/Nuts are kinda on the pricey side, but you wouldn't need much, like a tablespoon of (crushed/milled) Flax daily (makes a good binder - stir into soups after they've been cooked), an ounce or two of Sunflower Seeds/Almonds, and an ounce of Poppy. Priority on the Flax, it's important.

Oatmeal is an easy, cheap breakfast, with some almonds and fruit on top... (dried fruit, if regular fruit is too expensive). For veggies and such, stick to frozen or cheap (like carrots - good for beta-carotene).

Make Hummus for bread (not too hard to find Vegan bread, just stick to simple stuff), curries, chillis, falafels...

Make sure you take a B12 and D2 (D1 and D3 aren't Vegan) supplement daily - Vegans, and non-Vegans alike should be taking them.

If it's an upright "no", despite everything, you can start pulling less-than-desirable tactics (annoying them to death with it, purposely eating everything Vegan on the plate, and leaving everything else...), because they're frankly stuck in the past. It's not like you're asking to get early admission to the army, or want to get your tongue pierced. It's a responsible decision that will teach you to stay healthy and be responsible in later life.

No doubt they will make snide comments, a good chunk of people do. Best to not agitate family too much, so just ignore it.

It's extreme, and I do not suggest it, but should the more-peaceful methods not work, you could simply refuse to eat unless they adhere to your more-than-reasonable demands. I neither suggest nor condone this. But it had to be said.

Saying it again to get the point across... remember B12 and D2 (D1 and D3 aren't Vegan) supplements. Followed by Flaxseed. Followed by a healthy diet of legumes, grains, seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protein_combining (As the article says, debunked. Nutritionist I went to see was fine with a Vegan diet, but based the entire session on this plop.)
http://www.vrg.org/nutrition/protein.htm (Look around, there's other resources here too.)
http://www.ecologos.org/milkca.htm (The many superior calcium sources. Mostly seeds.)
http://fatfreevegan.com/ (Recipes.)

many parents?

They can't NOT let you eat rice, beans, chickpeas, pasta, potatoes, tofu, peanut butter, almonds and cereal, and fruit and vegetables.

Unless they hold a gun to your head, they can't literally put a feeding tube down you.

So, just stick to what you think is right for you.

It is EASY to cook all the things above- and they are CHEAP food.
fava beans
split peas
black/red/lima/white beans- are all very very cheap. The cheapest food in fact.
And those foods are full of protein more than meat. Soy nuts and beans have more protein than beef. especially cooked beef, cooked chicken and pork etc.

Most veg foods have protein.

TIght money means vegan diets are better for you. Meat and cheese is always the most expensive item in the shopping list.

Knowing nothing about cooking is no excuse.
It takes 8 minutes to boil pasta or spaghetti= drain it, add some oil, some vegan cheese and a can of drained chikcpeas.

Start from there.

"I'd give anything to be a vegan,..."
Okay if I help you become a vegan, will give you give me everything you own?

"but the more i learn about veganism, the more it hurts me to not be a vegan. i simply have to..." That sounds more like the more I saw that being a vegan sounds cool, the more I like to be one..

You Dad and Grandma says no, live with it..

I don't want to sound harsh, but when you are unable to purchase the food or even prepare food for yourself, you kind of give up control of the decision making process. Perhaps if you come up with some ideas so they don't have to go to a lot of extra trouble for you they would be agreeable to at least letting you cut out meat. Until you have come up with a concrete plan including menus that aren't a lot of trouble for your grandmother to prepare and info about how you plan to meet your nutritional needs, they are sure to see this as a whim on your part.

don't be a vegan, animals are tasty

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