are soy burgers healthy for you?!

Question: Are soy burgers healthy for you?
I know they are better fat and caloric wise but are they healthier for you in general than regular meat? I've heard they have hormones and causes all kinds of side effects. whats the truth? every site says something different


The truth is the jury is out...HOWEVER, Japan consumes a ton of soy and doesn't seem to be suffering a great amount of health issues. China consumes a lot too, and they certainly aren't suffering any fertility problems like the studies say!

Basically, I think "everything in moderation" is the key. There are way too many vegans living off tofu, soy cheese, soy milk and edamame...too much of anything is not good. However, I really doubt a couple soy burgers a week is going to kill you. Try and go organic if you can though, as some ridiculously high percentage of soy is genetically modified. Even if you can't afford organic everything, organic soy is definitely one that's worth the extra money.

No, it contains the same GMO junk that farmers feed their livestock and is used in pet food!! Soybean meal is soybean protein concentrate.Soy protein is protein isolated from the soybean.

Soy protein concentrate is about 70% soy protein and is basically defatted soy flour without the water soluble carbohydrates. It is made by removing part of the carbohydrates (soluble sugars) from dehulled and defatted soybeans.…
Water, Soy Protein Concentrate, Wheat Gluten, contains Less than 2% of Methylcellulose, Salt, Caramel Color, Dried Onions, Yeast Extract, Sesame Oil, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Natural and Artificial Flavor (Non-Meat)Disodium Guanylate, Disodium Inosinate.

Soy protein isolate is a highly refined and processed. How's that healthy for you?

Minimally processed and/or refined soy and non-processed soy is healthy for you.

Hormones? LOL
The stuff they use to feed cows, chickens, and pigs are in soy burgers? This is news to me.

Soy burgers are okay for you. I wouldn't say eat them all the time, and home made black bean burgers have way more protein and are less fattening.

There's people that like to go around saying soy products cause cancer, thyroid problems, and supposedly lower sperm count. It's funny how China, the country with the largest population and also the healthiest people, consume soy products all the time. Japan, Korea, Thailand, and other Asian countries consume a lot of soy products. Some very healthy countries.

The soy industry is very wealthy and not afraid to spread their money around in "research" that shows soy to be healthy. Much of the "research" on soy was done when Mark Messina (husband of theveganRD) and now a spokesman for the soy industry was handing out grant money from the NIH for research. He's also a 7th Adventist. Their religion promotes the vegetarian diet. Taking advice from them is like asking the Pope about birth control!

Several countries other than the US haven't been bought though:

"...The French Center for Cancer Research put out a warning saying that soy products -- in any amount -- should not be eaten by children under 3 years of age or women who have breast cancer or are at risk of the disease. The Israeli Health Ministry has also issued a public warning on soy, suggesting that soy consumption be limited in young children and avoided if possible in infants. In Germany, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment is doing a study of isoflavone supplements, and has reported that there's a lack of evidence to confirm the safety of such supplements, and some evidence to suggest that there may be health risks. (New Zealand's Soy Online Service is an excellent resource with information on studies and findings relating to soy's health effects, as well as recent developments in legislation to control or limit soy around the world.)"

From Dr. Weil:

"Excess consumption of soy can affect thyroid function, if you have a thyroid disorder to begin with or if you're not getting enough iodine in your're unlikely to get too many isoflavones as a result of adding soy foods to your diet -- but you probably will take in too much if you take soy supplements in pill form. At this point, I can only recommend that you avoid soy supplements entirely."

Much, much more at this link:…

ADDED: The Japanese don't eat that much soy and what they do eat is mostly fermented soy. Soy burgers, tofu in the US are not fermented. It's more expensive to ferment soy before it's sold to the unwitting customer.

And 90% of the soy raised is GMO soy if that's a problem for you.....

Not always, depends what sorts. Some fake-meat products are super fake and high in fat. Things like nut-burgers are great, and are not supposed to taste like meat at all. Anything that is formulated to taste like meat, avoid it. It is full of chemicals, and some are higher in fat, more than their meaty counterparts. I bought soy breakfast links once, they had more fat than real sausages, and tasted like cardboard.

I've had soy for years and I never felt better, It's super healthy for ya :D!!!

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