Vegetarian? (READ DETAILS)?!

Question: Vegetarian? (READ DETAILS)?
So I've been thinking of being a vegetarian. But i don't know yet. i mean I'd do it for the health benefits but i don't really know if killing animals is really wrong. I mean animals brutally kill each other in nature. isn't it just instinct for us to be predators and kill our prey?



Meat eating animals kill for their survival and they can and do survive ENTIRELY on meat. We cannot. Also, in your argument, do you only eat lions and dogs, seeing as a cow or deer would hardly kill you?

We have plant eaters' stomach acid, intestines, teeth ( hey no fangs yet) and no claws. We're not fast or strong enough to kill pray like eagles, tigers, etc, those animals can run very fast and are very strong- we are kind of weak. We CAN take plant food- growing at shoulder and waist height, which gives us the FIBRE and nutrients and plant oils ( with NO X+CHOLESTEROL) we need to thrive.
No fibre and high cholesterol is what meat gives you, Now is that a smart natural thing for an organism that makes it's own cholesterol, to eat? One that needs a fibrous diet?? If we're meant to eat meat, how come no fangs, stomach acid, or lack of cholesterol??

We can eat shoe leather, which doesn't mean we are suited to it/

There are approx 600 billion livestock on the earth, 98% of them made by man, to eat. One THIRD of all the crops and food grown on earth go to feed those livestock.

It's okay to do it just for the health, and I somewhat feel the same way as you on a matter, but only to a point. If I was someone who lived out in the wild {like a wild animal} I see no problem with killing an animal to eat {I would be like any other predator and the animal will have lived a happy life}. On the other hand, we are not those people. We kill animals in brutal, awful ways, keeping them pressed up in tiny places and boiling alive. That's not natural.

The way we kill animals now is not natural. Animals aren't supposed to eat their own meat and sleep in their feces before being shot in the head or skinned alive.

When people say that if it wasn't for people killing and eating animals we'd have an overpopulation. Who is it that breeds all of these animals until there are so many they can barely breathe? Humans. If we stopped doing those things and let nature take its course with cows, chickens, etc, there wouldn't be an overpopulation.

It's. All. Our. Faults.

Animals kill other animals brutally, but normally fairly quickly. Farmed animals suffer for months in disgusting, overcrowded conditions where they are mutilated, then they are slaughtered in front of other members of their herd, again in filthy, gross conditions. That's not natural.

But you can be vegetarian for whatever reason you like.

Me myself am i vegetarian some what. I just DONT like eating meat its gross but I don't care about other people killing and eating them because thats why God created them for. And yes they do kill each other so really it does not matter. Good luck!

We do not eat meat to survive. Were not built to kill. How animals are raised for meat is not natural. We should be vegetarians

It's not very good for your health. I agree that it is very wrong to kill animals, but think about this: if no animals were ever harmed, this world would be extremely overpopulated with animals. The meet is an essential part of everyone's growth and development.

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