Do You Believe Hunting is Humane?!

Question: Do You Believe Hunting is Humane?
By this, I mean deer hunting and the like, not hunting for furs, trophies, etc. Please give your reasoning for your beliefs.


I believe -controlled- hunting is humane. Left unchecked, animal populations can very quickly outstrip the resources available to support them. This leads not only to starving animals, but to the stripping of natural areas as the desperate animals try to find food.

Without natural predators such as wolves and big cats to keep their populations in check, it falls to humans to do it.

How can it be humane? By definition killing somebody against their will without their consent is not humane
Humane: marked by compassion, sympathy, or consideration for humans or animals (from Merriam Webster)

There is nothing compassionate about murdering somebody for no reason whatsoever for the fun of it. Anyone who says they need to do it to eat is a liar and a psychopath. They aren't primitive and wouldn't last a second as a primitive. They haven't done any studying of primitivism or even just really early living and would be worthless without their fancy hunting equipment. They would sit in a cave for a day starving and then would run back to their Starbucks, Mcdonalds and SUVs.

The reasons people give for hunting deer especially are so ridiculous it is like hearing an old Richard Pryor joke about when he was a kid and he broke a lamp but made up a ridiculous story about how he wasn't actually in the room or actually running (even though he was doing both). They claim overpopulation and starvation a lot which is never the case because really they are just losing land because rich yuppies are moving into the forest because they want to be closer to nature and then they realize they hate nature and want everything and everybody eradicated. If we would stop destroying the forests and building more and more useless crap for rich idiots those problems that Humyns created would be gone. Deer seemingly can somewhat adapt to their new surroundings but humyns cannot so they need to kill everyone because of their ridiculous made up science and findings that a 3 year old with a good imagination probably couldn't have even thought up.

If idiots want to hunt then they should go out and hunt each other. That way they can make a sport of it and maybe have some cameras around and put it on pay per view and use that money they raise to help end childhood hunger or build better schools with better educational possibilities or protect what little environment we have left. You would have lots of people watching two drunken yahoos (not the company) shooting at each other every week and each side would know they were in the game and also have similar equipment so you could actually make the argument for sport.

There is never any need to hunt and don't let any hunter fool you into thinking they care about animals or the environment. If they cared they would leave animals and the environment the heck alone and stop exploiting them. This is not complex at all it is pretty simple even if you are religious they made it easy "thou shalt not kill" that was it and it is pretty clear though oft reinterpreted so people can do whatever they want to whomever they want for whatever reason. I don't see how someone can justify killing someone else who has never harmed them or done anything wrong too them at any point. It is not like a guy is coming to mug you, and you shoot them in self defense. It is going out into the forest and purposefully hiding and waiting too shoot somebody without them ever knowing you are stalking them and planning on murdering them for jollies.

vegan because animals are not property

First lets define the word humane.
(Marked by compassion, sympathy, or consideration for humans or animals)

Well I do have compassion, sympathy, and consideration for all life. But I also believe in the natural order of things. I believe Every single life from on this planet exists at the expense of another life form. If you took this out of the equation all life would die. In order for something to live, something has to die. Its just how the world works. I eat EVERYTHING that I kill. And I try to kill my prey as quick and painlessly as possible.

So if some people believe its inhumane for me to hunt, kill, and eat animals the way nature intended me and other animals to do, that is their right, and their opinion.

Absolutely. I came from a family of hunters and have never viewed it as inhumane.

Hunting is actually helpful to the environment and animals' well-being as it helps to control the population which would threaten food sources and lead to many more deaths (mostly from either starvation or territory fights). It's why the have the specific seasons when they do. And even then there are strict rules: when you can/can't hunt a doe, where you can/cannot hunt, how many you can hunt in a certain area.

My family uses most parts of the animal. The meat for cooking (obviously) and we sell the furs/hide to local tanners to make into wallets, belts, whatever. My Grandma buries the hooves in her garden claiming they make a good fertilizer, but I'm not sure how true that is. The dogs get the antlers (nature's best chew toy).

If the rules are followed then hunting definitely provides more good than bad for both people and the wilderness.

Carebear Sare: Where I am, hunting wolves is illegal. I have never met ANYONE that has hunted a wolf or eaten it. I also do have a freezer full of steaks, but that's only there until deer season starts. Then it will be filled with venison.

Hunting involves varying degrees of "humaneness", depending on several factors, especially those involving weapon choice and accuracy/placement of shots. Consider that virtually all death involves some degree of pain and suffering.
There is, however, nothing wrong or inherently "cruel" with legal, sustainable harvest of wildlife- regardless of whether the primary motivation for doing so is food or enjoyment, as long as the game is eaten and not wasted.

I'm pretty divided on it, in my country Ireland the new government wants to lift the ban on stag hunting. Naturally i completely disagree as our stag populations are just fine & to hunt for sport i find cruel regardless if the animal is killed or not.
Lets be honest here, do people really expect that a hunter is going out to hunt for the greater good of keeping the environment & ecosystem in check? No its a bonding sport to test ability at hunting, there are much more progressive ways to help your environment & i believe that many use this as a guise for ''doing the greater good''.
Compassion is again another illogical statement, i cannot see the logic that one believes the raising of animals in whatever conditions ie farm factories or free-range as unnatural/cruel but that by hunting they are allowing the animal a natural life until its death by gun/bow, its just unbecoming of a species that loves to think they know right from wrong to see it this way. Obviously a much more compassionate path is to not kill the animal at all.

Now obviously depending on whether sees the killing of animals for culinary use & taste as cruel due to the cruelty-free alternatives now available, or sees it as fine, is going to shape their answer.
As a vegetarian do i think hunting is a better alternative to animal agriculture?....potentially but its not sustainable for the entire population to do.

my little knowledge on hunting

If you are killing the animal quickly and are planning on eating its meat, then I'm OK with it. If you're killing it for sh**s and giggles, I'm not OK with it. The animal might not know the difference, but I think its sick to kill anything for fun.

NO... theres nothing humane about killing!

I believe the distinction lies in the purpose of hunting.
Most people who hunt do it not because they *need* to do it in order to eat (though they may then eat the animal), but because they *choose* to do it.

Imo, the reasons for choosing to get (some small portion of one's) food that way has more to do with things like being an excuse and structure for just being out and communing with nature, learning expertise re some techniques/equipment/etc, perhaps being in a social situation with others while hunting, having an activity to do, physical sport (hitting a target, for example), having a hobby, opportunity to use the brain--for strategizing and planning, doing something many people around one already do and have no qualms about (path of least resistance), and the difficulty of giving up those things once they're invested in, etc.

I don't see many hunters also choosing to scavenge (or garden) for their vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc, and even medicines/etc though, which seems to indicate that it's the power and "meat" and the other things above that are the main stimulants. I also don't see them insisting on chopping their own trees, tanning their own hides for clothing/etc, spinning their own cloth, digging their own clay to fire for making all kinds of items, or various other "natural activities" of life.

Again imo, the reasons above aren't good ones for choosing to do something that doesn't have to be done. (If one really needed to trap/hunt/gather one's own food, I wouldn't find that a problem as long as it was done as "humanely" as possible, etc.)

Personally, I do not believe hunting in humane. Then again, I'm somewhat an animal activist. I just think it's cruel. They call hunting a sport but I don't understand how it's a sport if people get weapons and the animals don't even know they're playing really. I mean, if an animal were to kill me then it would be the animals fault? What if I was provoking it? I'm not saying it's not bad but we do it to them as well. My dog has bit me 3 times on the hand because he was simply scared as hell. My family didn't put him to sleep and he's still a member of my family and we all love him to death. But this is only my opinion.

Unless you need the deer for food and have no other choice, i dont see an issue with it. Most people I see hunting do it for the sport and pin the animal's head onto their wall. Odd, right? Hunting with weapons and technology is also an unfair advantage over the deer, who has his own four feet and antlers alone. Hunting isnt my thing, especially if you do it Sarah Palin style.

When done properly, of course. As long as it's a quick, clean kill, it doesn't make any difference to me whether you eat the meat or leave it lie. Something will eat it if you leave it. Coyotes, wild hogs, buzzards and other wild critters need to eat, too.

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