Which cereal is healthier?!

Question: Which cereal is healthier?
Honey nut shreaded wheet or Cheerios?


If it's between Honey Nut Shredded Wheat and PLAIN Cheerios, then go with the plain cheerios. If BOTH are Honey Nut flavored, then there isn't really much of a difference. It all comes down to whether you prefer oats (Cheerios) or wheat.


Shredded Wheat- it has ONE ingredient- Wheat.
No sugar
no fat
no hfcs
no added junk
no salt
no malted stuff ( a cunning name for msg)

Shredded wheat has ONE ingredient.

OK I just saw there's Honey Nut SHredded Wheat cereal- it's 83% wheat and next ingredient is sugar. So if you are happy to eat 17% sugar ( 8 big table spoons of wheat, 2 big tablesoons of sugar), go for it.
Or just eat Shredded Wheat.

Oatmeal with honey.

I think Shredded wheat has more wholegrains but it may have more sugar, so its a toss up really.

Weetbix or Muesli or rolled oats porridge are the better choices for cereal. Try some

neither. Captain Crunch.

Cheerios are hi in sugar...most breakfast cereals are. Go with the shredded wheat



I would say cheerios

Cheerios are multigrain, and despite the relatively high sugar content and preservatives ec. They have a lot less sugar than anything 'honey nut' flavoured.

It all deepen your day ahead , if your active the one with more sugar is best and if your not the one with less sugar is best. Plus if they have wholegrain that's even better

The Cheerios of course. Or the Shredded Wheat it doesn't matter.

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