How do you become a vegetarian?!

Question: How do you become a vegetarian?
I always try to become a vegetarian, but I can't help myself whenever I'm around meat.


For me, I did start eating meat substitutes. Veggie burgers and soy burgers etc. Now I have found I don't need fake meats, their are plenty of naturally vegetarian foods that are awesome. Bean burritos and chili with no meat. Falafels. Pasta primavera. Salads. Soups. Veggie sandwiches. So many great foods.

If you find meat irresistible, I question why you want to be a vegetarian in the first place.

You don't try, you just do, or already are.

I never liked meat all that much. Common sense, and the instinct that I was missing a much better feeling inside me- stomach, colon always packed full of rotting greasy stuff- burnt chunks or my wn flesh, that's what it felt like- a substance, the same flavour, colour and temperature as my own body.
It always just felt wrong- or at least, not right. It was like eating my own hand.

Also , if you ever ate beef testicles in Thailand, you'd go off meat pretty quick.

You stop eating animal flesh. Just read some books and watch some films on how horrible factory farms treat those poor innocent animals. If you don't like animals or have no compassion after you see this at least you will see how dirty it is to eat dead animal corpses. Many of the poor creatures are diseased and before they even slaughter them. Watch Earthlings and there are many books on the subject.

Buy a blender, or juicer and other cooking that make it easy (and tasty) to enjoy your fruits and veggies, it'll help you start enjoying them more. Have plenty of soy in your diet, and get some veggie patties to replace your meat.
Good luck!

If you really wanted to be a veggie,you would be one by now.
You can't 'help yourself' when you see some meat. Eat it then. Who's judging you.
But I don't believe you want to be a vegetarian.

give up meat

everytime you feel like eating meat go watch one of those video's about how harshly animals are treated or imagine a cow dying for your satisfaction :)

Have fake meat (soy) when you want real meat. Also keep your mind off real meat and have soy cheese.

You stop eating meat.

I got nothing for you. The smell of cooked dead flesh nauseates me.

eat meat equavilent

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