I've decided to give up beef and pork today, will anyone else join me?!

Question: I've decided to give up beef and pork today, will anyone else join me?
I don't want mad cow disease. My lady intuition tells me it could become a potential future pandemic that can stay silent for decades before coming to surface. I just hope i didn't already eat such. Besides meat is murder and not green. Lets give it up, except in moderation and ONLY if its locavore.

Also go light on the dairy because it may spread it too!


Mad cow disease is bad, but have you ever heard of insane mercury posioning from fish? You should quit fish too.

google mercury fish poisoning

latest research findings?

But CJD was around in the early 90's.

Anyway , carry on.

CJD lasts for 20 years sometimes before developing. And it can't be killed off, even after the person dies. It goes on living in the body, and the bodies have to be buried in lead coffins.

Locavore means someone who eats only locally produced, seasonal food. Biodynamic is the term used for plants and animals raised organically and free range as individuals.

You're a terrible troll.

If meat is murder, why give up only beef and pork? LOLwut

Yes I already joined 3 yrs ago!


Nah, I won't join you. Beef, pork, and dairy are some of my favorite foods.

Knock yourself out, though.

I haven't eaten beef or pork in years, so I guess I'm with ya.

why not just give up all meats? and dairy? and animal products? and maybe while we are at it.. we should free all those f*cking animals from being tortured for us to look good?

Why not other meats too? They contribute to animal suffering just as much!

It's a good start though :-)

of course i will join you!
im with you 100%

srry i cant im Cuban

How about I give up veggies? Plants have feelings too, ya know! Besides, my intuition tells me that mad lettuce disease could become a serious pandemic!!

^This is what you sound like.

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