Dealing with meat-eaters..?!

Question: Dealing with meat-eaters..?
I feel like my eyes were recently opened and have decided to remove meat from diet and plan to eventually completely eliminate all animal products. However, it seems when I mention this to some people (specifically male friends) they get very offended. I have to argue and defend myself every time and it seems like I get no where with them. I was just wondering how everyone else.. vegetarians/vegans.. deal with friends, family, people who don't understand your choice? How do you deal at holidays where meat is typically served? How long have you been a vegetarian/vegan?

Thanks. =]



Just tell them that you don't bother them about their eating habits, so they have no right to bother you about yours. If they continue to do so, just walk away. If it persists, explain to them that unless they start to respect you and your decision and stop acting immature and making a scene about the fact you don't want to eat animal products, you cannot hang out with them.

When I first became vegetarian (and again when I became vegan), my family would give me a hard time, especially if we would go out to eat for someone's birthday. After this happened several times, I told them straight out if they didn't start showing respect and keeping their opinions to themselves (especially when we were eating; especially in public), I would simply get up and leave.

vegan :D

I've been a vegetarian 7 years,
I get this alot as alot of my friends even hunt which disgusts me but I keep my mouth shut as they know how I feel about it anyway. Just make sure you say it casually, alot of pepole arn't really offened and just want to push your buttons. I just say I believe everyone is intitled to their own opinion I'm not going to stop anyone eating meat so no one can make me eat it lol
When I'm eating at pepoles houses that don't serve vegetarian I politly say no thanks when the meat it being served and I just eat potatos and veg or whatever is there

Daisy "IMO, vegetarians make too much of the fact that they've become vegetarian."

Why do you make too much of the fact that you're not a vegan? You really can't have much going on in your life if you log on Yahoo everyday and come on the Vegetarian & Vegan section to copy paste anecdotal links or tell people that their diet is deficient in iron or Vitamin B12. You are not doing this because you care about their health. Just admit it, granny. Who ruffled your feathers? Was your ex-husband a vegan?

Why do you want to argue with people?

Just let them say their bit.

It takes two to argue.
ON holidays, do the same thing, make sure you've got vegetarian foods- at least two dishes, and NOT salad, and be happy with that. They can eat your food too if they want. There's no need to rise to their bait.
Explain once to everyone, then if they keep asking, ask them why THEY're being dumb- you already told them.
Write a list, post it on the wall.

18 years.

Just do it but don't talk about it. When you start talking about it it seems like you are trying to push your ideas off on other people or criticize them for not being like you. Stop mentioning it. When you go out with your friends, order what you want and don't comment on what they order. At thanksgiving or whatever holiday, just eat the veggies.

If someone is genuinely curious, answer their questions to the best of your ability.

If someone is hellbent on attacking you, I've found "F*ck off" is a good go-to.

You don't have to explain yourself to ANYONE.

Hi, I wouldn't mention your diet to your friends unless they bring it up first. And believe me, they will, and you will get a chance to express it.
As a vegan I find it much easier to break the ice with recipes and talk of grains and produce. I can relate to them when they mention omnivorous meals I used to enjoy and they can relate to me because they also eat vegetables.
Sweets and pastries is one of the only things meat eaters and vegetarians have in common. This is also the point where vegans can get left out though unless said item is made w/out egg or dairy which is rare.
Drinks could be another subject to discuss if all else fails.

My mom does not understand why, but she accepts it. She tells people I'm doing it to be healthy. I just let her go on and stand up for me when people ask her. What I really do it for is my love for animals.
For the most part my family and friends understand and they try to find the occasional hole in the whole thing, which is human nature. They get defensive about themselves or merely curious. Sometimes they just want to talk.
Instead of looking at the Holidays in a food way, I look at it as a time when everyone is loving to one another and the point of it. Gifts also is another distraction from the dinner table. As long as said gifts isn't a leather baseball mitt or a woolen hat, it is all good.
When it's time to eat, I usually bring my own casserole from home made without any animal products. I also cook a dessert animal free but no one else eats it but me and another vegetarian sibling.
My husband kinda understands and will eat vegan with me one or two days out of the week for my convenience. He is however a meateater.

Vegan for 9 mos. ; Lacto-ovo vegetarian for 2 1/2 yrs prior.

Why do you have to "deal with it"? If you don't want to eat meat, don't. Just keep your mouth shut and let everyone else enjoy their meal. If someone asks you why you're not eating meat (unlikely, IMO), tell them you just don't want it. You don't need to give them the long story about how you woke up one day and realized your pet cow was destined to be dinner. They probably don't care one way or another. IMO, vegetarians make too much of the fact that they've become vegetarian. Frankly, most people don't care much about what you do or don't eat.

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