Why do vegetarians hate meat eaters so much?!

Question: Why do vegetarians hate meat eaters so much?
all the answers i read in a previously asked question concerning vegetarians seemed to me like there is a great deal of uncharitible feeling directed against both sides from the other. all this talk about vegetarians being more compassionate appeared to be a bunch of bull, no pun intended. i saw some fairly vicious comments from so-called compassionate vegetarians. my own opinion is eat what you want to eat and DONT condemn others for their personal choice. The God who gave us vegetables for food is the same God who also gave us meat for food. i see no harm in a vegetarian diet as long as nutritional needs are met, the same as i see no harm in eating meat. if cholesterol and fat cause problems, then one should take a hard look at the AMOUNT of meat in a particular diet. anything in excess is bad for you. in my opinion, a healthy diet can include lots of veggies AND a moderate amount of meat or animal derived protien. but what one choses to eat is just that, one's own personal choice.


I`m a vegetarian and I don`t hate meat eaters. But some do because they dislike anyone who wrongfully harms/kills animals.

I have to agree with you that there is hate towards both parties, but I personally do not hate people who eat meat and/or fish. People have to realize that it is a choice to eat animal products or not to eat them, but some claim that it is unethical and morally wrong to eat meat.

I have dated a vegetarian and non-vegetarian, but personally if someone eats fish or meat i cannot kiss them unless they wash their mouth out because I cannot stand the taste of either.

Absurd question. I'm a vegetarian and I feel no less respect for meat-eaters than anyone else. Not every vegetarian finds eating meat to be immoral or wrong. Personally, the thought of eating the muscle of some once-living animal is gross to me, but to each their own, you know? I ate meat for my first 23 years of life and mostly loved it.

For the same reason meat-eaters hate torturers and murderers of PEOPLE so much.

"God" gave us animals to eat?
Is that kind of like how he gave white people other races for slaves,
and men, women to serve them?

Good god, you're ignorant about science and ethics.

Meat will become a "personal choice" on the day a sentient creature doesn't have to be killed for it.

It's probably because they love animals which is why they don't eat meat and then when they come across meat eaters then that's just another person who eats animals.

I'm vegetarian. I believe a lot of us don't hate meat eaters. I respect other peoples decisions and it should go both ways.

some of my best friends eat meat.

I don't at all, just obvious flamers.

Most people in the western hemisphere became vegetarian after eating meat. SO they once ate meat and had the same thoughts about it that meat eaters do.
For one or other reason they became vegetarian. So you can't hate what you used to be.
The only thing I know is that these people have been meat eaters AND vegetarians, so they have a broader view.
I know how I felt about meat when I ate it, I didn't really think about it much, it was sometimes tasty, but I liked other foods too. Sometimes, like KFC ( I was 9) it was REALLY tasty. I lived in Nigeria for a year as a kid and all they ate was KFC - there was constantly KFC in the fridge and for leftovers. Then friday night, they cooked a huge fish stew- very traditional Nigerian food.
That type of eating was typical in Nigeria and other African countries. Maybe other countries too.

SO I ate meat, didn't really think much about it.

Once I saw the light, and realized my body constantly felt full of something that I was made of- the flesh, and it felt innately wrong, and that I knew silently it was instinctively wrong to eat somethign I am made of, then it was like an awakening, a realization. It was so clear- like "Oh NOW I get it".
I had constipation and all that trash constantly when I was a kid, cheese, meat and bread.

The meat part was SO obvious, and immediately I felt "right".

So, I can't hate what I used to be, and if anything I have sympathy for folks who haven't seen things from that point of view yet, also the view of animals being a silent partner on earht, and that no amount of blackmail, apocolypitc scenario-telling, starvation mode stories and survival scenes make it alright to murder an animal that may have kids at home and a family to feed.
Factory farming too- I was non meat eating a long time before the factory farming issue became obvious to me- before then, the power of denial is too great. I knew those things happened, but surely they happened on one isolated farm, far away in Poland, and anyway it was years ago, once, right???

Of course, NOT. It happened today and will happen tomorrow- cows, piglets, chickens and sheep will be stamped to death, hooked alive and have their skins burnt off while alive. But if you're a meat admirer, you don't want to think of that.

I am a vegetarian, and do not hate those who eat meat. Most of the people I know and love are meat eaters. Out of all my friends and family I know only one other vegetarian. You cannot judge an entire group of people based on what you see on a message board.

While I do not believe in God, I believe that people need to make their own choices when it comes to what to eat. I was not born a vegetarian, I made the choice later, and feel as if others should have that ability as well. I fully agree with your opinion about a healthy diet being able to include a limited amount of meat, as well as eliminated it fully. It is all about balance, so as long as a person is eating properly their diet will be healthy.

It is a bit sad that you think that all vegetarians(or even many) do not like meat eaters, or condemn their choices based on what you see on Y!A!. Like any controversial area of Y!A(parenting, religion & spirituality, etc), you are going to find a lot of animosity. There are many trolls, meat eaters/vegetarians that cause trouble, etc, which often makes for a harsh environment.

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