Isn't eating meat sometimes immoral?!

Question: Isn't eating meat sometimes immoral?
Well, I believe that God created us, and animals, to live in this world, and to thrive. That also goes for animals. I think it's okay to eat them, but I don't really support eating it if it was inhumanely slaughtered. I don't think they were put in this world by God just to beaten. They need some rights as well, right? People tell me I'm weird for not eating meat, but it's for my beliefs.

Did God really create cows and chicken just to be slaughtered for our nourishment?

I don't think so. I think he made us all to thrive. I think we can eat meat, but we must not forget that God also made vegetables and fruits.

Is eating a dog no worse than eating a cow?

But the overall question is, do I really need to eat meat constantly? Is that what God wants us to do? Shouldn't we interconnect with everything around us in order to live a moral life?

And if I choose to delete cow from my diet, is that ethical in religious terms, or just Godly and moral terms?


God said we could eat them so I do. Having spent 20 years in the military I can tell you if I were in a survival situation I would not care if I killed the animal humanly or not.

Okay, first of all, God did say we could eat meat. They, at first, were not ment for us to eat, but God knowing that the earth was filling with people and would need more to live off of said we could. If you choose not to eat meat or a certain kind of meat its purely based on your conscious. Why? God said we could eat meat, plain and simple. Its your choice, don't let other persuade you to do something you feel uncomfortable with.

Why don't you go back to the first book in the bible,Genisis.What did they eat before they were kicked out of the garden of eden? They ate fruits and vegetables and drank water from streams but it didn't say anything about them eating meat.Animals weren't put on the planet to be eaten.

I've been a vegetarian for years now. I do believe it is morally wrong. I'm not a veggie freak so i don't think animals are at the same level as humans by all means but what people do to animals is terrible. get educated and go from there.

There's not a shred of analytical or empirical evidence of a god.

But I appreciate you questioning the ethics of your fellow religious people.

Its funny because 1 billion people in India- their god says no to meat eating.
HE says karma is the main thing, do right to all living things, and don't kill a living creature if you can help it.

Dogs eating is the same as human eating, sheep eating, turtle eating and baby panda eating. There is NO difference.

Looking at another animal then killing it to eat its meat- when there are plants, nuts, all the oils and proteins we can use from plant foods- is wrong. Unless we are facing absolute starvation , in which case, we could eat our dead comrades too. This happens sometimes.

God did not make animals for use to get sick from eating- the plant based proteins and foods in nature ( yes, another one of God's creations) have ALL the nutrients we need- they nourish us and do not cause out disease- the human animal is the ONLY animal to eat beyond his means and get sick off the things he eats.
Meat gives humans a thing called cholesterol, which makes us sick. We make our OWN cholesterol. We don't have any use for animals'.
We get complete nutrition from plants and fruits that grow in the soil and on trees.
If "god" made animals for us to eat- why did he not give us claws, sharp teeth and very very fast running powers to chase them?
Because we can't.

WHy delete cow, and not pig too?

Delete all the living animals, dogs, cats, baby pandas too, fish worms, birds and spiders. Don't eat and murder any living animal that "god" gave a life to.
Why did you think you can take a life?

Roadkill excepted.

I don't think God placed chickens on this earth so that the broiler industry (an oligopoly) can genetically alter and pump them with growth-promoting hormones so that their thighs and breasts become plump to meet the demands of the customer ($$$). I also don't think God intended for pigs to be confined inside unsanitary factory farms (rather than out in nature, in sunlight, where they belong), where they become frustrated and turn to cannibalism. I also don't think that He created baby calves so that we can chain them up in small crates to inhibit muscle growth, and starve them on anemia-inducing diets so that their flesh stays tender and white and appealing to the consumer.

It is estimated that 95% of eggs are produced in egg factories, 90% of pigs that are raised for food are kept enclosed at some point in their lives and that close to 85% of chickens are raised in factory farms. We're not talking about some obscure practice here. Some will bring up the anecdotal "oh, I know a local farmer who doesn't do that..." but then have no qualms buying chicken breasts from their grocery store (of "unknown" provenance).

All this for greed and money. Hardly anything religious or spiritual about either. Being happy and free are basic needs that are not only exclusive to human animals. My compassion is not limited to humans and household pets - it extends to the entire animal kingdom.

Yes eating meat is immoral, I agree. I don't think it's okay to eat them though. It's just as bad to eat a cow as it is a dog from my perspective.
No we don't need to eat meat constantly or sparingly for that matter. I don't think God wants us to do that, but I think He knew the debate would come about.
We do need to interconnect with plant based diet more.
If you choose to delete cow from your diet based on ethical reasoning, that's fine with me. It agrees with my beliefs as well. Same with a fish, pig, or bird.


Well this is a problem. You are trying to use logic to decide a moral issue, when you are basing said issue on an illogical premise.Assuming the god you are referring to is the christian god (why do theists never clarify which one they believe in??); if god created animals to be eaten, why do they feel pain? Why do they suffer when according to that religion suffering is a present to humans from god for sin? Since non-human animals can't commit sin (in that they can't receive absolution) then there is no reason for them to suffer, yet we can clearly see that many species do when stressed and experiencing pain.

Morals are basically subjective, so as long as you say something is moral then it is. But what you are talking about is ethics, which are not subjective and based on logic. As I said, this is inappropriate given the foundation for your discussion. So I think the only way to resolve your issue is to either believe that god does not care what becomes of non-human animals (the evidence indicates that if god exists this is certainly true), that the god you believe in doesn't exist; or you need to just not think about it.

vegan biologist

While I pretty much agree with you, it's a huge trap to suggest that there is a god that supports your decision. Why? Because the billions of people who don't believe in your god can write you off as a religious nut, or a member of the wrong religion. (That's why we keep religions separate and private.)

The problem is not in the slaughter - because slaughtering can be humane - but in the highly controlled situation in which the animals live up until slaughter.

If one eats a wild animal, it gets to be its true self for its whole life, until the instant it is (we hope) killed.

So, eating wild-caught fish is NOT the same as eating farmed fish. The same is true of cows, sheep, pigs.

We have chickens. They have a great life, and we eat their eggs.

naw homie its called nature

God gave man dominion over all animals on earth. Now you can theorize what that meant all you want, but humans are and have been the dominate species on earth for thousands of years.

No, you don't need to eat meat constantly. But you won't get vitamin B12 if you don't eat meat, eggs, dairy products or take some sort of supplement (fake vitamins). Vitamin D3 is better for your body than the vitamin D2 made from plants. Protein in meat, eggs, dairy is complete; proteins in most veggie is not. The heme iron in meat, eggs, dairy is much better absorbed and used by your body than the non heme iron in veggies. The omega vitamins are very hard to get without eating animal products.

Your ethics are your own. Your religion is your own. Don't look to others to decide what's moral and ethical. Think for yourself.

No one except a few veg*ns believe animals are tortured in slaughterhouses. Ellie Kreiger, from the food network, actually visited a slaughterhouse. And, guess what, she said

"The last thing I saw was the actual harvest or killing. To be sure, it is not a pleasurable thing to witness in general, but if you eat meat, the simple fact is an animal is sacrificed for your nourishment, a reality we are all too removed from in modern society. The trick is to do it humanely, and this is where I was most impressed. The system Cargill uses was developed in part by Dr. Temple Grandin, the autistic animal scientist who, with her heightened sensitivity, was able to pinpoint specific ways to keep cows stress-free throughout the process (there is an award winning HBO film about her starring Claire Danes.) The whole environment is kept purposefully calm, with no loud noises or bright lights. Before they realize what is going on the cows are hit precisely on the head, given a concussion so they are rendered senseless, then their throats are cut and their blood is drained. The whole thing takes roughly a minute. I watched intently as the cows moved through and noticed no shred of panic or unease."

Oprah Winfrey sent someone from her staff to the slaughterhouse and Oprah said, on TV "animals are not tortured." Hey, if Oprah said it, it must be true, right?

ADDED: Buddha did not forbid his followers to eat meat. That's simply not true. The Dali Lahma, probably the most respected holy man in the world eats meat. Buddhist in India don't eat beef, but many of them do eat chickens, eggs and pork. There has never, in recorded history, been a civilization or a tribe of vegetarians.……

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