What should I one should I pick?!

Question: What should I one should I pick?
I have been a vegetarian for awhile now and today my mom offered to get me a laptop if i only cut out red meat. So I need help choosing. Vegetarian and no laptop or partial vegatarian and laptop.


think about the reasons you became a vegatarian. Your mom is wrong to do this, she should be supproting you.

I think it's terrible of your mother to try and bribe you to eat meat. I also think it is terrible that someone who consider going against the choices they have made so that they can get something.

I gave up meat for a reason - everyone gives it up for some reason, and there is not way that I could eat it again for a laptop - that goes against everything I believe in.

Think about why you gave up meat.... if it was for animal rights, then I would suggest you don't let a laptop tempt you over the killing of animals.

But, only you can decide.

The question is 'why are you a vegetarian'? If it's because you don't like meat then you have no option but to refuse the laptop.

If it's because you don't agree with eating meat, then why are you even asking the question? If, however, you don't eat meat because you think it's the thing to do, then eat the meat and get the laptop.
Your Mum is only trying to keep you healthy.

Warning. This is harsh. You have been warned.

Tell her no. Would you sell your soul for a car? It compromises your morals and shows clear signs of having weak character.

Not to mention, bribing your own kids? I don't know the type of relationship with your mother, but if it were me I would say a firm "No" followed by "And since you saw fit to *bribe me*" I say with a loathesome look of disgust on my face, "You're going to buy me that laptop anyway, and I'll be nice enough to never mention conversation again."

Now, if you don't want to be Vegetarian, that's your business. But letting people manipulate you? Your own mother or no, don't let people walk over you, it's something you live to regret.

But maybe that's just me.

Thats hard. what do you believe in?

Tell her that its wrong. confront her why you cant be vegetarian? or what about pesciatarian? you eat fish, but not like chicken, pork,cow etc etc.

Or if you have to.... compromise and tell her you might eat chicken, once a week.

But really i dont believe in it. either you dont eat meat at all. you only eat fish, or you eat meat. theres no point just eating meat once a week, cus that still makes you a carnivore. so then you might aswell, jsut eat meat all the time?

so its up to you. but i suggest talking to her... trying to get her to see, that you can eat Quorn products, which have protein in them. and i mean.... jsut use Quorn/soya products as sustitue in meal (like you can make spag Bol/meatballs/sausages/burgers/stew/chic… fillets etc etc) its not just beans and tofu.

Firstly remind yourself why you became vegetarian in the first place. If it was because of animal cruelty, then is a lap top more important to you than a clear consience? If you did it for the health benefits, is a lap top more important than your health?.Your mum is testing you with bribes of buying you a new toy, be strong and stand by your beliefs.

Vegetarian with no laptop. Otherwise you won't be a vegetarian at all...

The choice is yours though. If you choose no laptop, she may punish you depending on her maturity level.

No one could pay me to eat meat that's for sure.


Partial vegetarian is an oxymoron (i.e. does not exist). Only you know if you can be bought out of your ethical convictions by a bribe. Your mother is wrong to use this kind of coercion on you, but ultimately it is your decision.

I would pick no laptop. Your mum is trying to blackmail you into eating meat. I wouldn't do that.

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