Vegetarian kids....Is it wrong to force them?!

Question: Vegetarian kids....Is it wrong to force them?
I am a long time Veggy (20+yrs) and I have a son who eats a balanced diet including meat and fish. I do refuse to let him eat McDonalds etc and explain to him why. Came back to visit friends in UK who now have kids and a lot of them make there kids follow there vegetarian diet. I believe this to be wrong no matter what you feel your children should be allowed to make basic choices with guidance and a 5 yr old does not know if he wants to be veggy or not. Nor does he know what to eat if he is lacking in certain minerals vitamins etc. I think this is bad parenting, no matter what your beliefs are I have no qulams of making my son a bacon butty if he wants one. Your opinion pls is making kids veggy bad parenting and pls no stupid answers although I know will get them.


Our kids were not raised veggie because my husband is not a vegetarian. They ate far less meat that is normal for for most kids, just as my husband eats less meat because we share most meals.

When my kids were old enough they were told that meat comes from animals. Neither is currently a vegetarian.

Either way you are imposing a diet on your son. I never felt hypocritical giving my kids meat because my husband ate it. You don't mention a spouse, so if it's just you it seems a case of do as I say not as I do.

All parents "make" their kids follow a certain diet-
you, yourself, refuse to allow your son McDonald's.

Vegetarians and vegans are no different because theirs is less-popular.

Plant-based diets have a number of health benefits, and are nutritionally-approved for people of all ages, including infants and adolescents.

Vegeterian diets are safe for children, probably safer than omnivorous diets, especially when it means cutting out the majority of fat-laden junk food and offering healthier options.

People who need to "experience" food are using it as a crutch. As parents, it's your job to keep your children healthy and happy for years to come, especially during the years they're still growing. (Includes information for children too.)

Of course its good to feed your children those wonderful veggies. But I believe forcing them onto a child is not the best way and could have them grow up to dislike them. I think it would just be a better idea to just be a good example and guide them with making healthy meal choices.
By the way, I never had food forced upon me and I enjoy eating veggies.

I don't find it wrong. As long as their getting their nutrients and healthy it's fine. Meats not that good for you these days anyways parents r helping them. I'm a vegetarian, if I grew up and had a choice I think it would b hard for me to stop. Poor Children around the world aren't getting any food!! so as long as ur friends children are getting food what's the big deal!

Well you shouldn't force your beliefs BUT if you're the one making the food then your children should have to eat what you eat.

Eat vegetarian be green save the earth.

If God had wanted us to be vegetarians, He wouldn't have made pigs and cows so tasty.

i agree, forcing them will never work, kids need guidance with their life decisions

Hello there :)
I first and foremost DO NOT want to offend anyone.
Making kids vegetarian? Bad or good? Well i like to see the pros and cons.
Advantages: Your kid is not eating something that came from something that was moving, breathing, walking, etc. You save money from not buying meat. You save about a 100 animal lives a year at average. The kids arteries are clearer. A significant less chance of heart disease. Proven on a vegetarian diet, humans live longer.
Now the disadvantages: You don't get the protein that you get from eating meat/ other minerals. But this is a matter that can easily be resolved by having them eat protein bars or shakes. Taking vitamins will also help with the minerals.
It seems that there is more good than not good for going vegetarian. I think it's great that your vegetarian. I was a meat eater for a while but then i changed because i saw what it was doing to the lives of livings creatures so i stopped. My point is, your the parent of your child and they are the parent of theirs. I know it's not easy to get, but no one can control anyone. If they want to make their child a vege then good, it's their life and their family. Please don't think of this as a stupid answer. It's just my opinion on things. Have a good day/ night and i hope you and your boy are good :)

Best regards~

Personal experience.
Internet. :)

I am a meat eater but i dont think there is anything wrong with parents giving their children a vegetarian diet.
As long as it is well balanced and they are getting everything they need, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Why say people HAVE to eat meat? There are millions of varieties of vegetarian foods that make up a perfectly good diet. And why should people give their kids foods that they themselves will not eat? Children can make their choices when they grow up. As long as they have a good variety of foods then there is no problem.
Also: bacon butties????? There is very little good nutrition in that!
There are many countires that are predominantly vegetarian (eg: India)...and they dont have the same health problems that we westerners diabeties, heart disease, obesity, etc.
I think a vegetarian diet can be a good thing, and that quite often vegetarians are more concious of what they are putting in their bodies so they are more likely to be doing the right thing by their kids.

Their kids. They practically NEED the protein and parents cant deprive them of that. Ecspecailly when they are younger. Sure, PARENTS dont have to eat meat, but they are kids. If they really want McDonald's, I agree its a horrid place to eat in, but let them have a burger. Or maybe some chicken nuggets-at least an ice cream cone. Dont deprive them of what they want over what YOU think is right. Its selfish. In a way. At least once. When I was little, I wanted to try TWINKIES SOO BAD! Haha, and the cupcakes made by the hostess co. my mom never bought them becuase of reasons you would imagine...but one day she just bought me a twinke or cupcake (I think a cupcake) for the EXPEIRENCE. I tried it-and that was that. Now, I am 15, and I know its extremely unhealthy. One trip to mcdonalds wont spoil your kids. Or that one peice of steak for dinner wont ruin them. They are kids-they just want to try it.
I agree if it was for religious pourposes, yes, then you could "deprive" your children of certain things. But for a diet...just let it slip once of a few times. Its THEIR decision in the end of it all weather they want to follow your footsteps or not. :) when they are older ofcourse. :D


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