Is Yoplait safe??????????????????!

Question: Is Yoplait safe??????????????????
I started using Yoplait light recently and have become a big fan of it. Now have it every day substituting it for snacks. My hubby too likes it since it contains a good amount of potassium, helping with his high BP. Surprisingly noted some disturbing news about Yoplait and researched on net to find that Yoplait contains milk frm cows treated with rBGH growth hormone, which has some serious side effects (like what they mention is breast cancer). How far is this true? Is it safe to have Yoplait in daily diet?


I would say that yoplait is definitley safe! As long as you don't eat ONLY yoplait then you should be perfectly finee. Just maybe if you are still a little nervous about it then eat yoplait like every other day or something. But I'm pretty sure yoplait is safe, you can always call them too just to make sure! :]

Nahh mann no sites:] Just my noggin.

Everything in this world is capable of giving us some form of cancer. The air you breathe can give you cancer. People over worry and over react to every little thing. Either eat the damn yogurt or don't, but if the yogurt doesn't get ya, something else will!

no, i have heard yoplait has not only led to breast cancer but to genofelionectoditus, a disease tht can cause muscles to separate from bones on their own accord. they are also conspiring with the government to kill u

You're speculating micro-hazards! Don't worry about it!

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