alternatives to cows milk?!

Question: Alternatives to cows milk?
What can I use besides cows milk? I've tried soy milk, but the estrogen numbers scare me (not to mention GMO). There's almond milk, with an odd aftertaste. I was reading about coconut milk. Any ideas on what I can use?


There is no estrogen in soy. Estrogen is an animal hormone made only in vertebral animals and some insects. Phytoestrogens are made by virtually ALL plamts, so you won't avood eating them. Phytoestrogens are 100,000x less potent than estrogen. Phytoestrogens (pigments that are responsible for the wide ways array of colors in fruits, dark leafy greens, etc). are not estrogens, they are compounds. A 1/2 cup of cranberry juice has more phytoestrogens more than 1/2 cup of soy milk., Do you know what actually contains a lot of estrogens and progesterones? Cow's milk contains considerable amounts of female sex hormones.

Among the routes of human exposure to estrogens, dairy, in the Western diet accounts for 60 percent to 80 percent of estrogens consumed.
Part of the problem seems to be milk from modern dairy farms, where cows are milked about 300 days a year. For much of that time, the cows are pregnant. The later in pregnancy a cow is, the more hormones appear in her milk.

Give up the milk. Drink soy milk, rice milk, coconut milk, oat milk, hemp milk, almond milk, etc.…

Rice milk can be okay - though I find it depends on what you use it for, as it's not as thick as milk so tea/ coffee might be slightly more watery.

I prefer oat milk actually. You can get flavoured oat milk too, so with cereal it's lovely! It's high in fibre and provides slow releasing energy throughout the day - so I love it.

Coconut milk can be good for cooking, and as a drink, but not for everything.


Just for others..

Soy Milk Estrogen
Isoflavones is an estrogen in soy milk, and the members of this class or family include daidzein, genistain, glycitein and equol. Since, these chemicals are plant-based, they are also known as phytoestrogens. Soy milk estrogen levels and the ongoing debate has been a cause of worry for many of them who consume this food regularly.

I can't believe people are still buying into these soy scares. There is nothing wrong with soy. Unless you're allergic to it or you're drinking a gallon a day every day, NOTHING will happen to you. Soy milk is absolutely safe to drink. Rice milk is also good. Hemp milk and almond milk are good. Coconut milk is good, but it is very fatty so you should only drink it occasionally if you decide to buy it.

There is no cholesterol in coconut milk; cholesterol is ONLY found in animal products.

vegan :D

It depends whether you want non-animal milk or not. If you want an animal milk I recommend goat's milk, I'm pretty sure a lot of people who are intolerant of lactose are fine with this.

If you want non-animally free milk, my personal favourite is oat milk, but others prefer rice milk, with Rice Dream being a popular one. I personally cannot stand the taste of soy milk or rice milk but I love oat milk and coconut milk. Its really a case of finding what you prefer, try a few different brands as well, you might like a supermarket own brand oat milk but hate "Oatly" for example.

Rice milk, oat milk, hemp milk, coconut milk. Coconut milk is really good, try So Delicious brand. It's in a carton that looks like a milk carton. Original and vanilla are the best, I think. :)
But the estrogen in soy milk isn't something to worry about, it helps prevent breast caner for girls and prostate cancer for guys.
There are much scarier things in non-organic cow's milk-- like hormones that are fake (ew).

Oh, and the fat in coconut is good for you. It's GOOD cholesterol, like an avocado. It's great for your hair and skin too.

Edit: John's got some good info. :)

Good call on the soy. It's okay to have SOME but not your best option. There is no ESTROGEN in it, but it can effect males negatively. Plus, its easy to develop soy allergies. I like rice milk. I like almond milk, too, but it does have a different taste. Coconut milk is really fattening, so I wouldn't go towards that. Rice or almond are your best options.

Coconut milk is pretty strong. Rice milk is easily my favorite, but it's pretty expensive so I usually get almond milk. Try rice milk though, it's really good and doesn't have much of an aftertaste.

Hemp milk is by far my favorite. It's creamier than soy and it tastes great in coffee.…

goats milk sheeps milk buffalo milk mothers milk soy juice coconut juice

There is also rice milk but i have never tried it because i drink soya.

Rice milk? Lactaid.

I would say coconut milk is nice but very high in cholesteroll

Try grain or goats milk

Goat milk

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