I'm thinking of going blonde..?!

Question: I'm thinking of going blonde..?
I'm thinking of dying my hair blonde. Do you think it would suit me?
If not, what colours would you suggest? I'm bored of the colour I have now :)




(pretty eyes!)

If you go blond, go natural blonde like Amanda Seyfried, NOT Britney Spears. :)

I have the SAME hair color as you and I got bored of it too.
I'll suggest you do the same thing I did. Dye it orange-red.
Here's a photo of me in orange-red hair: http://hphotos-ash4.fbcdn.net/191603_101…
I think it'll look good, plus girls with fair skin and bright eye colors ALWAYS look good in reddish hair :)

I think it absolutely would suit you! They are going to try to talk you into hightlights because they're more expensive- I don't think you should because your hair looks awesome with a solid color. You don't want to take away from your beautiful eyes. Also, blonde highlights with a medium brown always looks off to me. It's your choice, though, obviously. I would go for a honey blonde like an 8G or a 9C (depending on how light you want it)

hope this helps!

I am a stylist.

hi, if you want my honest answer, i think your too pale to go all over bright blonde but i do think you should lighten your hair a little, the base u have now is lovely, go to a salon and ask for a half or full head of hi lites, i think it wud be lovely, if u get a full head of them, the overall look is blonde anyway, jus my opinion tho

hair stylist

If you go blonde, you will look very washed out. It won't go well with your skin tone.

Your hair looks great already just leave it like that

NO! You're pretty as it is.


Are you kidding me? Your hair colour is fabulous!! I'm so jealous! :(

yes u wld look rele preddi but nothing is wrong wid ur hair nw its perfect :)

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