if i turn vegetarian can i lose about 20 pounds in a month?!

Question: If i turn vegetarian can i lose about 20 pounds in a month?
eating less of course. will i also get enough protein for muscles? thanks


Maybe, depending on what you eat. Vegetables don't have as many calories as meat, generally. But they also don't contain all the vitamins and minerals either. Vegetables are high in cellulose. Humans can't digest cellulose. If you're eating a lot of veggies, you might get full quickly, even feel bloated, but as the fibre (cellulose) moves on through your system pretty quickly, you'll be hungry again. If you can actually EAT NOTHING but vegetables for a month, without adding rich dressings and sauces, you probably can lose 20 lbs.

Now if you cheat with sodas and chips (technically veggies)....

Most nutritionist recommend a balanced diet. Just cut back on fats, sugars, processed grains like pasta and bread. I think if you cut out anything that has flour or sugar in it, you'll be surprised at how quickly you can lose weight.

Protein is made up of amino acids. While about everything has some amino acid proteins, meat, eggs, dairy, contain all the amino acids for protein. If you don't eat those pretty regularly, you need to eat a wide variety of veggies every day so your body can combine the different amino acids in each to make the protein it needs.

You will have to plan your diet carefully to get the right combination of proteins, vitamin D and vitamin b12.
There is no automatic weight loss as a vegetarian. Cows are fat and lions are slim.
Drink water and stay away from bread, rice, chips, potatoes, cereals and sweets and you will loose that unwanted extra.

Good luck. (PS if you are young you are building a body that shall last for at least 70 years. Be wise and build it properly so you don't end up in misery for years)

yeah you actually can especially combined with working out

No, but in a couple of months u can. only if u actually turn into a vegetarian

That's five pounds a week. Too extreme. Spread that out to two or three months.

Muscles weigh more than fat. So I would suggest your goal isn't about weight but maybe like clothing size.

Anyways, reasonable weight loss is also based on how much you weigh now.

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