Would you eat road kill?!

Question: Would you eat road kill?
What if it was road kill of an animal you would normally eat?


I don't see any problem with people eating fresh road kill...you killed the animal, you didn't mean to and it doesn't care what happens to its body so why not? I say "fresh" as in you hit the animal so you take it home to eat. Eating something you find on the side of the road, even if it still feels warm, is a bit ewwtastic IMO. I don't eat animals though so personally I would not.

Probably not, even if it was an animal that I would normally eat.

First, the animal has probably been dead by the side of the road for at least a few hours, and more likely laying there for a few days. So there is a high chance that other scavengers have started to feed on it and it has begun to decompose and rot.

Second, a fast-moving vehicle hit the animal with enough force to kill it, so much of the meat that I could even extract would probably be damaged and inedible anyway.

Would you eat fruit or vegetables that had fallen off a delivery truck speeding down the road and left exposed for a few days?

If it was fresh, as in literally kill right in front of me I don't see a problem with eating it. Obviously nobody would want to eat a decomposing rodent left on the side of the road but if it was a freshly killed, good sized animal with minimal bruising I would be fine with that.
I live in a wooded area off of a curved road so there are often unfortunate squirrels who get squished. When they are left on the road other animals will come along to eat them and end up getting hit too. I take the really fresh animals who were hit and give them to my poultry flocks who gobble it down. It's somewhat gross to see them running around chasing each other after squirrel intestines, but nothing beats free, protein rich feed for them.

I don't eat animals so no. Also, god only knows what kind toxins have gone into that carcass from being run over and left on the road where cars speed by and exhaust adds flavoring. Not to mention diseases from animals that might have scavenged that carcass and diseases the animal itself might have carried. Too many variables, even if I wasn't a vegetarian.


LOL no. There are plenty of animals which need to feed on dead animals to survive. Taking an animal out of the ecosystem just removes all the nutrients which were in it's body. They should be left to decompose where other animals can eat them and the bones break down and the minerals end up back in the soil. That is how nature works, and most of the environmental problems we face today are because we take nutrients out of ecosystems and can't replace them.

vegan biologist

I have eaten road kill. I friend of mine hit a deer with his car and the deer died. He called me up and I drove out and picked up the deer. I made deer sausage with the road kill.

No. You don't know what kind of diseases that animal has or how long he or she has been dead. Plus, I'm vegan, so why would I even consider eating any animal?

Sure but that would only depend on how long it has been "road kill". Fresh is fine.. Most of the road kill I encounter are frogs and cats.. two animals I don't eat.

If a head of lettuce was hit on the highway and killed, I would eat it.

mmm.. squished chipmonk...

my tummy


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