Is their any thing bad about being a vegetarian?!

Question: Is their any thing bad about being a vegetarian?
I'm a vegetarian and people ask why I am so I'm just asking.


No, there is nothing wrong with it at all! Different people have different tastes, everyone is different. Some people may not understand, but that's ok.

I am also a vegetarian, sometimes people give me weird looks or say things too.

Of course not. People assume if you don't eat meat you only care about animals and not humans, blah blah blah, its silly. There is nothing "bad" about vegetarianism per se. If you do not eat properly you can get deficiencies however this is also true of an omnivores diet. If you insist on preaching the benefits of your diet to everyone you meat, you'll probably annoy people and they'll consider it "bad". But vegetarianism in itself is not bad, just eat healthily and don't try and force others to agree with your opinions.

Well if done wrong, sure it can be "bad", but so can being an omnivore. I'm refering, of course to vegetarians who don't balance their diet, and simply cut out meat while continuing to eat heavy dairy/carb diets with minimal vegetables. While that may be "vegetarian" in the sense that there's no meat, it's not balance or healthy.

But if done right, no theres nothing wrong with being a vegetarian.

Watch your protein intake. Very easy to miss some amino-acids.

Also don't get too holy. I hate it when vegiies expect me to ensure they get a veggie meal if invited round, while they are quite happy to insist on NOT serving me my preferred diet.

To people who aren't a vegetarian, it's bad because it's out of the mainstream, and you're also making them question if their lifestyle is not ideal, even if you don't mean to.

There isn't, it's just an uncommon lifestyle change in America. <-- Social

Physically there isn't anything bad, just be sure to get alternative sources of protein.

There's nothing wrong with it. However, a lot of my guy friends are the "Meat yum, bacon goooooood, vegetables blech" type so they mostly think "Why the fooch do you WANT to eat vegetables!?"

No there is nothing wrong with it, it's a majority of people eat meat, so they are surprised. I get that all the time. Some people are fascinated by how I stay healthy.

no, the only problems ive come across are other people reacting to my vegetarianism. and at a few restaurants ive been to it was hard to find a ton of options.

There is nothing wrong with it. I've noticed that vegetarians/vegans tend to be a little more noticeably gassy than the average person.

Not it isnt bad. Its actually good and i believe that vegetarians tend to live longer than ppl who arent veggie people

I've got no complaints. I am grateful every day that I'm a vego.

no what i find wierd is people saying they are vegetarians then eat know a fish is an animal too

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