I ate a whole bunch of chocolate cookies what will happen to me now?!

Question: I ate a whole bunch of chocolate cookies what will happen to me now?
I haven't had more than 600 calories a day for about 3 days and it's not because I am trying to lose weight. It is because I am broke. I thought i was going to get paid last week but I don't get paid until Wednesday. So I have been eating rice and beans and black coffee and sugar and a bowl of oatmeal and I have had also had a few pieces of bread.

Well today someone brought a 10 oz. bag of chocolate chip mini cookies to me and I consumed about 75% of them within the hour. I am a vegetarian and I am pretty slim. I usually eat junk once a month during that time of the month and that's it.

What will happen to me? Will I gain weight?


you ate 8OZ of cookies????

Uhhhhh, so?

You ate marginally more calories than you have been.
Nothing will happen. I don't understand this question. All you had was like 600 calories.

I think you'll be fine. It sounds like you were very hungry and needed that extra food. The worst that can happen is you might gain 1 or 2 pounds.

Yes, you will.

Nooooooooo Way!

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