What are the XO, VSOP, & VO distinctions of cognac?!

Question: What are the XO, VSOP, & VO distinctions of cognac!?
I believe it tells you how long they are aged, but what are the exact distinctions and what are their French meanings!. Any accurate answer with a corroborating link gets immediate best answer!. The problem is that many in my line of work have an answer but noone seems to agree!. Thank you!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

It has to do with the number of years in oak!. Cognac does not age in the bottle !.

cognac and brandy
All cognacs are produced from wines made from grapes grown and harvested within the demarcated cognac region, about 100 miles north of Bordeaux on the coast of France!. All cognac is brandy, but not all brandy is cognac!. True cognacs are only from the Cognac region of France an they are the finest of all Brandies!. Cognac is always distilled twice in small copper pot stills for a minimum of 3 years in Oak vats!.To be called cognac a brandy must be made from a certain type of grape that grows only in the area of Cognac, western France!. It is rated the best brandy in the world, smooth with a heady scent!. Subtle differences in the blending and aging process also
account for the market taste differences between brands and products of the same brand (i!.e!. VS and VSOP)!. Just a little extra information: cognac VS means Very Special; cognac VSOP means Very Special Old Pale; cognac XO means Extra Old!.


cognac 105 up, 4 down
Cognac is made from a distilled wine!.
Cognac comes from the county of "Cognac" in France!. If it's made in somewhere else, then it is not Cognac at all!.

It is being kept in oak barrels for many years where it will get better tasting and get's it red-brown color!.

Years in the barrel:
2 - *****, VS, Sélection, de Luxe
4 - VSOP, VO, Réserve, Vieux
6 - Napoleon, XO, Extra, Royal, Imperial

If your cognac is 20 years old, it still might be XO for example!. That is only the minimal requirement!.

Cognac DOES NOT get better in the bottle any more, only the years in the oak barrel do matter!.
Cognac is expensive, there are cheaper alternatives to get drunk!.


The differences between the three are as follows:

VS:Very Special!. Stored 2 - 4 years
VSOP:Very Superior Old Pale!. Stored 4 - 6 years
XO: Extra Old!. Stored at least 6 but ushually around the 20 year range!.

This is what i've known this far!. Different Casks might be a differing factor as well!. I hope this answers your question!.


XO + 5 years
VSOP 4!.5-5 years
VS 3 yearsWww@FoodAQ@Com

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