Any advice on good margaritas to serve at a babyshower?!

Question: Any advice on good margaritas to serve at a babyshower!?
im having a baby shower on the 25th of this month and im inviting sociable drinkers!.!.!.what are some good margarita recipes!?!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

I suggest taking a look at some of these margaritas at Liquor Live:


They are all pretty easy!. My favorite is the frozen one!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

I'd go with Pomegranate!. You can buy 'PAMA' brand or any pomegranate liqueur!. Just substitue it as you would with triple sec!. also blue margaritas are pretty cool!. Again subsitute Blue Curacao for the triple sec, as the flavor is the same, just a different color!. So you will need the tequila, sour mix, fresh limes, and whichever flavor you decide to use!. Amounts are as follows PER drink!. 1!.5 oz!. Tequila, 1 oz!. 'whichever flavor' (triple sec), 2!.5 oz of sour mix, and a squeeze of lime (leave wedge of lime in the drink)!. Best to offer in a glass with a salted rim!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

Strawberries (frozen), Jose Quervo (silver), Triple Sec (orange flavored) and Ice!.!.!. Put all in Blender till ice is crushed!. Sugar Coat the rim and pour and enjoy!.!.!.THE PERFECT STRAwBERRY MARGARITA!!!! My personal favorite!. The frozen strawberries add a certain flavor that the mixes just don't seem to have!.Www@FoodAQ@Com


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