On alcohol bottles, what does "% Proof" mean?!

Question: On alcohol bottles, what does "% Proof" mean!?
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Alcoholic proof is a measure of how much alcohol (i!.e!., ethanol) is contained in an alcoholic beverage!. It is defined as twice the percentage of alcohol by volume!.

In other words, if your alcohol on a wine bottle is 12% then the proof is 24%!.

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That's the alcohol content!. There's 200 proof in 100%!. So if it says 50 proof, that means it's 25% alcohol!.

Most beers are around 10 proof, or 5%!. Most wines are around 24 proof or 12%!. For liquor to be easily flammable it needs to be at least 100 proof, or 50%!. Everclear is either 151 proof, or 190 proof!.

It's called proof because in the 18th century, when sailors were getting paid in rum, they would prove it hadn't been watered down by dousing gunpowder in it and igniting it!. If it was high enough in alcohol, they could do this and it was a "proof spirit"!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Alcohol and Proof are measured differently in different countries!.In America it's a 2 to 1 ratio!.80 proof would mean 40% alcohol and so on!.Some label are changing to ABV(alcohol by volume)!.If the label says 40%ABV it would mean 40% alcohol!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

the proof isn't followed by a percent sign, dumb*ss ^^

proof is just percent alcohol times 2Www@FoodAQ@Com

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