Was i tipsy or drunk?!

Question: Was i tipsy or drunk!?
Just like any other teen entering highschool, this was just another night of what any teen would call fun, until they get caught!. I was caught sneaking out for the first time out of all the other times i snuck out!. Perfect, cause the one night i finally get caught is the one night i actually did something, like drinking!. My friends told me it was good and will make me feel relaxed, so first they gave me a shot of half coca cola and half bacardi apple flavor!. It said 35% alcohol on it, and my friends told me thats not alot!. unfortunately, thats a f***ing lie! So the second shot, i poured myself!. it was one shot of bacardi!. also, i heard, after this happened, that bacardi is really strong and 35% is alot of alcohol in bacardi!. I was drinking on an empty stomach, and for the first time!. Im 14 and a girl around 125 lbs, so girls are supposedly weaker at drinking!. My throat burned a little, but i felt a little relaxed but shooken!. I had one last shot, only half!. so basically i had 2 and a half shots of Barcadi!. I heard you could get drunk off of just 6 shots of bacardi, since its strong!. I just wanted to lay down because my stomach was hurting and my head a ltitle, but i still felt relaxed!.
The next day, i had a slight headache, it wasnt bad like how hangovers are suppose to be!. Was i tipsy!? or a little over tipsy!.
and how many shots do you think it will take me to get drunk off of bacardi!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

Yeah, 35% is pretty strong!. Vodka is 40%!. Wine is 13!.5%!. Beer usually around 5!.0%!.

So, 1 shot of bacardi is basically 1 beer!. It has more alcohol than a "light" beer!.

I'm not sure how big the shots were!. In the US, 1!.5oz is the standard size!.

At 125 lbs, I would say that 4 shots should get you drunk!. You should feel 2!. 2 or 3 would be tipsy!.

So you were probably tipsy!. But, tipsy is just a nice way of saying drunk!. You were a little drunk!. To be really drunk would be around 5-6 shots!. Anything more than that and you're probably going to vomit and be very sick!.

I'm about 180lbs, and I had 5 drinks last night!. Even though they were spaced out over a couple hours, I was still a bit drunk -- tipsy as you would like to say!. Honestly, being drunk isn't that fun if you keep doing it!. I'm 23, so I've had my share of drunken nights, but it's just not that fun anymore!. 5 drinks for me isn't bad, but I usually stick to 2, maybe 3 -- and thats on the off chance I am drinking on any given night!. Basically, you're 14!. You have a lot of time ahead of you to drink!. It's just too young right now to be drinking, give yourself a few years!. 18 or 19 is a good age, I'm not saying you have to wait until you are 21!. That's a bit high, and few people realistically do that anyways!. But, at 18 you should understand how alcohol affects you better!. It seems you didn't know whether or not 35% was a lot before you started; now you know!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

screw getting drunk!. drinking is all about pacing yourself!. my first drink i was 12 and i got smashed! i literally dont remember half the night and i woke up with puke stains on both ends of my carpet (off course my rents found out)!. When i woke up i was still tipsy!. No headache or hangover though!. After that i started to pace myself, and i only had one other incident when i got smashed!. i am know 15 and i know my limit!. Teen drinking is all about knowing your limit!. personally i think getting to the point when you feel relaxed, your smiling and your taste/feel senses are starting to go is where i like to be!. You dont want to be the fool who throws up half the night and forgets what the hell they did (thats when **** can get scary)!. leave the fool label up to someone else!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

WOW your 14 and already starting to drink! That's not really cool let me tell you something, In high school that's all people ever do! its sooo over rated! that's all i ever hear is how people got soo drunk over the weekend!. i don't think you were drunk or anything just buzzin a little!. Please if you are going to drink don't do it every weekend because it becomes a habit and then that's all you'll ever want to do! im 18 and i still don't do that stuff!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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