Issues when drinking alcohol and eating/drinking sugar. Need some help please!?!

Question: Issues when drinking alcohol and eating/drinking sugar!. Need some help please!!?
Hello!. I've had this issue ever since I've started drinking!. I'm of-age and like to enjoy wine with dinner or a few wine coolers when my friends are over!. BUT I have this issue stopping me!

I cannot have ANY sugar when I drink alcohol!. If I drink wine, wine coolers or super sugary liquor, I get a terrible stomach ache, break out in splotches and have a horrendous stomach ache that I can barely stand up!.

If I were to take a shot of vodka with diet coke, I'd be fine!. BUT if I were to take a shot of vodka with regular coke, I'd be in horrible pain!. What could be the cause of this!?

While I realize there is sugar in alcohol, it's only when I drink extra sugary alcohol or mix sugary foods/drinks with alcohol that I have terrible problems!.

What's wrong with me!?! :(Www@FoodAQ@Com

As I am not a doctor, this is mere speculation, but the pure fact that most alcoholic beverages are rather high in sugar to begin with, is confusing!. As you stated you broke out in splotches, by reasoning I would assume that you're experiencing some type of allergic reaction!.

There are literally thousands of allergies, and I would have no way of determining which one you may be having a problem with!. Diabetes or blood sugar problems can cause many symptoms that can worsen while consuming alcohol for instance!.

I would strongly suggest abstaining from consuming any alcohol until consulting your doctor!. I wish you the best of luck!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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