Massachusetts Legal Beer Making Limit?!

Question: Massachusetts Legal Beer Making Limit!?
My teacher told me that if I find the MA beer making limit on how many liters or ounces of achohol can be made in a house(like beer making kits)he will give me extra credit!. I need to know the limit for beer, wine and rum!. If someone can show me a website that says it and has been recently updated then I'll give you automatic best answer!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

It's not regulated on a state level (quantity, that is)!. It's regulated on a federal level!. For both wine and beer, the limit is 100 gallons per adult of legal drinking age (max of 2 adults) per year!. In other words, in a household with 2 adults over 21, 200 gallons of wine and 200 gallons of beer can be made per year!.
Federal guidelines on beer:
Federal guidelines on wine:

For rum, or any distilled spirit, the answer is zero!. One may not produce distilled spirits at their home ("residence" is the term used in the guidelines)!.

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