North Carolina liquor sale strictness?!

Question: North Carolina liquor sale strictness!?
I am from MA and will be 21 in february!. I will be going to North Carolina in march for spring break and am wondering if I will get hassled at liquor stores/bars with a Massachusetts license!. To be specific I will be staying on the Outer Banks!. Anyone from this area would be of great help!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Well I am in NC right now, never been to the outer banks but I have an out of state license and it's never been a problem at bars for me!. I haven't really bought that much liquor, my husband always pays but they have never carded me!. I've seen them do that, card everyone who is with though!. Actually my problem has been buying cigarettes!. One time a gas station clerk would not believe my license was real because it's a bend-y one, not a hard card!. I had to show her 2 IDs!. So some people may be skeptical but it's a valid ID so don't worry about it too much!. Maybe bring your papers/old license or another form of ID if you're worried!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

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