Detox from alcohol what to expect?!

Question: Detox from alcohol what to expect!?
not a heavy drinker more of a binge, every weekend type heavy drinker, already has been 2 weeks, will i start to feel irritable, ive already noticed bloatedness going down!.!.!? what else !?!? hope this is in the right category!.!.thanksWww@FoodAQ@Com

the irritability is going to laste!. Sorry!. :)
If you werent a heavy drinker then it shouldnt be as bad as someone that drank Every Day!.
Usualy after 2-3 months you should feel like your normal old self!.
Congrats and good luck!
I had to go to rehab and met lots of alcoholics, but they drank everyday!. I think you should have it pretty easy!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

People who do not drink, but end up drinking a lot at one time for whatever reason, get very sick!. I'm told a person can suffer from alcohol poisoning!. Your body is not used to that treatment and it is letting you know!. Your body is saying " Whoa, what's this!! Stop it!. I don't like that and I can't keep this" then you throw up as much as you can and you sweat and your head aches and you feel drained and you feel thirsty and everything tastes awful, then you make yourself drink water and then you throw up, then you make yourself eat crackers to settle your stomach and then you get thirsty again and then you remember what you did to make yourself feel sooooo bad but then you think you better drink one more drink so you can feel better and you go to sleep!. Then you dream about having a headache!. Then you want to take aspirin but you know you should not you're not sure how the two will combine and make you feel!. Then you realize binge drinking can lead to "Lushism"!. That is a person who drinks too much and gets taken advantage of by other people even people who put things in your drinks!. Sometimes they fall down and sometimes they wake up some place and don't even remember how they got there or what happened!.
You will feel irritable soon even if not from the drink it may just be from being disgusted with what you've done to yourself!. Then you will not do that again!.
Good luck Www@FoodAQ@Com

You should be careful to concentrate on your recovery!. If you look for symptoms, you may find them and use them as a breaking point to relapse!.!.!. That said!.!.!.

Alcohol withdrawal refers to a group of symptoms that may occur from suddenly stopping the use of alcohol after chronic or prolonged ingestion!.

Not everyone who stops drinking experiences withdrawal symptoms, but most people who have been drinking for a long period of time, or drinking frequently, or drink heavily when they do drink, will experience some form of withdrawal symptoms if they stop drinking suddenly!.

There is no way to predict how any individual will respond to quitting!. If you plan to stop drinking and you have been drinking for years, or if you drink heavily when you do drink, or even if you drink moderately but frequently, you should consult a medical professional before going "cold turkey!."Www@FoodAQ@Com

you may also loose weight because of not having the extra calories!. You may feel more stressed like you NEED a drink but it will subside and you may become irritable but it all depends on your body!. You should ask your doctor!. They could be more specific!. Good luck and i'm proud of you for wanting to better yourself!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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