Is lucosade fattening even if taken in moderation?!

Question: Is lucosade fattening even if taken in moderation!?
Lucozade has a very high sugar content!.My husband who is insilin dependant only needs 250ml of lucozade to sort out his blood sugars when they are low!.
So i would say it is very fattening!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

1st, you asked this in the Beer, Wine & sprits channel
2nd, its Lucozade

3rd, its got sugar in it!.!.!. sugar is fattening if you don't exercise enought to burn those extra calories!.

if you drank or ate anything that contains calories, and you don't burn them off, you will gain fait!. plain and simple!. its a math thing:

you eat 2000 calories today, but you only burn off 1800!.!.!. that means you start tommorow with 200 more calories in your system!.!.
the next day you eat 2000 more calories, so you have 2200, then you burn off only 1800, you have an extra 400 calories!.!.!.

it doesn't matter if this is Lucozade, candy, fruit, milk, steak, bread, or pure sugar!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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