What 5 questions should i ask a wine expert?!

Question: What 5 questions should i ask a wine expert!?
I have an opportunity to speak to a wine expert this afternoon and ask 5!. What 5 questions should I ask!? They are a beverage manager for a wine shop in my area aswell so I could ask which wines in that shop meet certain characteristics also!. But general wine questions!? I'm a very amateur wine person just getting into it with a minor understanding Www@FoodAQ@Com

Ok, well, that is a very broad range!. Tough!.
1!. Have them explain how they make white wine with grapes that have red skin!.
2!. How to tell which wines would taste better with age, and how to tell which should be consumed young!.
3!. What to look for weather wise, and maybe a good reference guide, that would help determine if the current year will be good for wines, so that hen it hits the store, and is a wine better consumed aged, it will have gone up in value!. That is why certain years are considered better than others, weather as well as other factors!.
4!. Port is a good wine to know about, it is very good and has a unique process in it's making, understanding how port is made can also help you understand about the wine making process in general!.
5!. HERE IS A GOOD ONE: With global weather changes occurring, areas that have long been known for wine making will change, how will this affects those areas!? Will they specialize in other varietals!? What areas will be ones to watch, and for what varietals!?

hope this helps!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

1!. With economic slow down, what is the best buy in wines!?
2!. What is your favorite and why!?
3!. What wines are worth spending some extra $$ on, ie investment wines!?
4!. What is the new frontier in wine!? What region/grapes will be hot 5 years from now!?
5!. Why should I drink wine and not good quality, high end beer, which is still cheaper!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

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