Home brewers. Is is best to use empty bottles you or someone bought like Guinness Bud ?!

Question: Home brewers!. Is is best to use empty bottles you or someone bought like Guinness Bud !?
Or is it better to buy from your supplier!? I ask because I am looking into making my own beer it sounds like fun but the bottles thy sell are more expensive than buy beer in bottles even Guinness!.

12 empty bottles for brewing coast $21!.95 before taxes and before shipping heck I can buy a 12 pack of Guinness Extra Stout for just under $20!.00 and bud and other beer a lot cheaper than that!. It seems to me it would be cheaper to buy beer and just reuse the bottles or talk friends out of their empties!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

It is best to get the bottles any way you can!. If it is cheaper for you, and a great drinking experience, to buy Guinness then drink up!. Save the bottles!. After each pour rinse the bottles several times with fresh water and allow them to drip dry!. You might be able to collect some from your local bar/pub for free!. Then you can buy new ones!.

With the first two sources I would both clean and sanitize the bottles!. With the newly purchased bottles just use the sanitizer!.[Do not use bleach at this point!. Bleach can cause a nasty off-flavor to your beer!.]
Later, before use wash them with a proper detergent such as TSP or Sodium Hydroxide!.Make sure you rinse the bottles well of the detergent!. It then is also a good idea to rinse the bottle well with a sanitizer such as a weak solution of Iodophor!. Again, allow the bottles to drip dry for a few minutes!.

*#* Do not use the twist top bottles most cannot withstand the pressure of a homebrew capper!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

As long as you can use a standard `capper` to cap the bottles, it does not matter what bottles you use!

I have used `sterilized` glass MILK bottles before now - sure they might not look as aesthetically pleasing but it`s the beer you are interested in, not the bottles!

The size of the bottles is more important of course, as the smaller the bottles, the longer your brew stock will last!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Go with what works for you!. You can clean and re-use old bottles for purchase them new!. Follow the cleaning advise above!.

Poj?me na pivo!.
Koupit mne jeden pivo!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Just buy beer and save bottles! I have my friends and family save them for me!. The only real problem is cleaning them!. Make sure that they get rinsed out right after you finish the beer, otherwise you can get mold and stuff growing inside that is tough to get out even with a bottle brush!.

Look for the non-screw off type though!.

also if the bottles are already clean they can easily be sanitized in a dishwasher!. Just make sure you run the dishwasher without any jet dry or similar non-spotting solution, as this will stay on the bottle and prevent the beer from forming a good head when you pour!.

And the best part is you have something to drink while you brew!Www@FoodAQ@Com

The reason why the bottled are so expensive is because they probably come with unused caps!. If you can buy the beer bottles and unused caps (and find a capping machine) for cheaper than picking up the bottles of beer, then go with that option!.

Remember to thoroughly clean a used beer bottle out before using it for your home brew!. I believe you're supposed to use bleach as part of the cleaning solution, and rinse it with distilled water, so there's no chlorine in the bottle!. Don't use tap water, as it doesn't wash stuff away!. A buddy of mine tried that and his beer made us feel toxic as there was still chlorine in the bottles!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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