Should I refrigerate Merlot?!

Question: Should I refrigerate Merlot!?
I have a box of Merlot, should I put it in the refrigerator, I don't know where else to put it!. I know it will be fine since its boxed and wont go bad, is there any reason why I should not box it!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

Some box wines are actually improving quite a bit, and you can even get a vintage box wine these days!.

Hey good enough for daily drinking!.

The box has a collapsable bag in it that keeps air away!.
The only thing that will ruin wine is heat, air, and light!.

So keep in a cool dark place, fridge is okay, but I like my reds served around 56 degrees and allowed to open up a bit!.
If you do keep in the fridge, when you dispense the wine, let it warm up a bit on its own, otherwise the flavors will be muted!.

(Note to the other wine answerer!. The best wine I ever had was a $5000 bottle 1830 vintage madeira, so don't judge me based upon my box wine comments)


A boxed wine isn't worth keeping for a long time as it "is what it is"!. Enjoy it now and some of them are quite good!.Red wines are traditionally supposed to be served at room temperature but that rule was made ages ago when wine cellars were very cool and so were dining rooms!. Even great restaurants now put their reds in the cooler for 15 minutes before bringing them to a table/serving unless they have a very cool wine cellar on premise!. Most small restaurants do not have this luxury, hence the 15 minute cooling!. You otherwise do not store reds in the fridge!. But, ahem, a boxed wine is not exactly vintage material so if you have it in the fridge , close by, you'll probably drink it all quicker!. The main thing is, when storing any wines, it is wife temperature variation that destroys it!. If you are buying more than a couple of bottles at a time, or receive a case as a gift, just be sure you store all the bottles in a place where the temperature is CONSISTENT - if you have a basement that is not heated warmly like the upper floors, that is perfect!. We had an unused closet on an outside wall of our house, facing north!. We sealed it well, closed off the heat vent, removed the light bulb, and the temperature didn't waver more than a degree or two over 3 days and nights so we installed wine racks!. PErfect!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

I chill all wines, because those I can afford taste better when cold!.

BTW, wine in the bottle does go bad given enough time!. It turns into vinegar!.

well!.!.!. It should be served at about 56-60 deg F!. So if you dont have a wine fridge or cellar, then chill it in the fridge a few min (10-20) before drinking!. Same with all reds!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

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