I want to learn wine making in Bordeaux, is it possible to do this as an apprentice?!

Question: I want to learn wine making in Bordeaux, is it possible to do this as an apprentice!?
You can volunteer to pick grapes during harvest!. I hope you know french though!. As for apprentice work, you will have to hit up some of the small farms!. Honestly, I think it is worth looking at Northern Rhone!. Wine there is more labor intensive because of the steep slopes, and I feel you will get a bit more of the art aspect!. Plus I think the fall is a bit more mild, and you are much closer to the southern coast!. Thats where I would be if I could speak French!. Bordeaux is just too much like what the US tries to emulate, so I dont think its worth the effort in this day in age, new wine makers need to learn to push the envelope!. Personally, I will be shooting for the west coast USA next harvest, then on to Aus or South America!. I would do Italy if I had the language skills but my IT is rusty at best!.
It looks like we may be competitors in a few years, I hope you know your stuff :)!. Look me up and we can exchange notes!.
You also need to check out the Gary and Randal Grahm WLTV epp if you arent alread tapped in!.
Livin the dream!. Good luck

for the US check out
It will fill up pre harvest season!. The folks at Davis can also help!. They are actually very friendly if you call!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

wow , what a great thing to experience!. it is possible, you just have to find a winery that is taking on apprenticeships!.
go or call any local wine maker and ask them what to do first!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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