What is a good drinking game?!

Question: What is a good drinking game!?
I have a half gallon of rum!. An im tired of just taking shot for shot!. whats a good drinking game there's about 5 of us!. An were all family so please no ideas about stripping, that's just not what you do with your sisters an brothers, thank you!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

My fav drinking game is Ring of Fire!. its a little diffcult to remember at first but you'll get it!.
You need a deck of playing cards (no jokers)
Ace-a race: the person who picked the card starts drinking along with everyone at the table, when the card picker puts his drink down the next person can!. the point is that thelast person around the circle is drinking the longest!.

2-you: car picker chooses a person (you) and they have to drink

3-me: card picker drinks

4-whores:girls drink

5-jive: card picker does three simple dance moves (clap twice, snap, slap your leg), the next person (to the left) does those three and makes up a new one, the next person does all four and makes up a new one and so on!.!.!.the first to mess it up drinks!.

6-d*cks:guys drink

7-Heaven: card picker raises both hands, when anyone else sees him, they raise their hands as fast as possible, the last person to raise their hands drinks!.

8- Pick a Date: card picker chooses one person as their date, everytime the card picker drinks so does your date!. If one person picks more than one eight they can have more than one date!.

9-Bust a Rhyme: card picker says an easy-to-rhyme-with word, the nest person rhymes with it and so on, the first to mess it up drinks

10- Categories: card picker chooses a known category of anything (beer, computer brands, cell phone companies ect!.) the next person says something of that category and so on, the first to mess it up drinks

Jack- Make A Rule: (the best in my opinion) Card picker makes a rule like: no one can say Drink, Drank, or Drunk (use sip instead), no one can point, you have to snap everytime you take a sip, Best to make yourself the execption: no one but me can!.!.!. another great one is: when i drink you drink or you all drink!. My favorite card by far

Queen- Question Queen: you're supposed to lick the card and stick it on your forehead (sometimes you can't and sometimes it will work) it means that if you ask someone a question, and they answer, they have to drink!.

King- King Cup: Have a large cup in the middle of the table, the card picker has to pour, about a sips amount, into the King Cup!. Last one to pick a King has to drink it!.

Now i know thats a lot but one game of this and you'll be drunk in less than an hour!.

One time a playes with just three people, and one of them made a rule:everytime i drink you drink twice, and i was his date!. OMG everytime anyone picked a card i was drinking like 4 times!.

Great fun!! Be Safe!.
Golden Rule (for a house party): anyonewho drinks stays!

Turn on the the tv and every time something comes up you have to drink!. For example if you use the color red, every time something red comes on you have to drink!.!.!.it could be a shirt or even a flower!. You can use a movie or a tv show!.!.!.or even just watch commercialsWww@FoodAQ@Com

i just bot "what the f**k" game, its pretty fun


play I never never, say something like: who has made out with someone of the same gender, and whoever has takes a drink, ectWww@FoodAQ@Com

president assholeWww@FoodAQ@Com

i dont know maybe 1st to down 2!. dont get to drunk!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Play Quaters!Www@FoodAQ@Com

kings!.!.!.!.google it!.!.!.trust me on thisWww@FoodAQ@Com

spin the bottle and b4 u kiss the person they have 2 take a drink!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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