Where can you buy Puncheon Rum from in London?!

Question: Where can you buy Puncheon Rum from in London!?
I very much doubt you'll get it unless you get a pal to bring some back from Trinidad & Tobago!. It's only sold locally and there are issues with export as its an overproof rum, the bottle says "not less than 75%"!. This is stronger than Wray&Nephew's Jamaican Overproof at 68!.3%abv!. and as much as Bacardi151 at 75!.5%abv!. (Double the numbers for US Proof)!.
I would reccommend either of the above two as a substitute but neither really have the gut-wrenching burn, sickly sweet esters and oily fusel finish of true TDL Puncheon Rum!. :-)

Try "Gerrys" on Old Compton Street in Soho, there is also an other specialist just around the corner!. Skal!!!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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