How do make homemade wine?!

Question: How do make homemade wine!?
Fruit, or fruit juice!. yeast and sugar and time!. Oh and a jug or a crock!. There are so many different types of wines and many variations or recipes for wine!.

I've made wine!. It has been awhile, but I have made it!. I have made a grape wine called Balloon wine!. I tried to find the recipe for you, but with all my moving, I seem to have misplaced it!. Balloon wine is made with Welch's grape juice!. The recipe I had called for frozen grape juice, water, sugar and yeast!. The amounts I do not remember!. After you get them all mixed, you pour it into a gallon glass jug with a narrow neck!. Place a VERY small pin whole in the balloon!. Place the balloon snug over the lip of the jug!. The fermenting SHOULD, if not too big a whole in balloonm should make the balloon rise!. When the fermenting has stopped, the balloon will collapse!. It takes about 30 days to three months!. The longer it ferments the better the wine!. Then you have to strain it through a cheese cloth, into another clean container (not plastc) to clarify it, to take the muther (sp!? it's like a film the wine gets) off!. Then bottle it in a glass wine decanter or clean out the original glass jug, and use that to store it in!. If not going to seal it, store it in the refridge!.

I also have made a combo or elderberry and raisin wine!. That turned out yummy! There was a bottle I had forgotten I had, and I found it about ten years later!. Well, we my ex and I and a friend of ours broke it open!. Man was that ever good stuff! That bottle was even better than the earlier bottles of the same batch!.

Go to a book store!. That is where I found the recipie for the Elderberry wine!. You can find books on it there!. Just read them over a bit before buying to make sure the recipies are easy enough for a beginner!.

Enjoy! ;o)Www@FoodAQ@Com

James M, if you ask a North Italian, a Southern Italian (Calabrian) and a Sicilian, you will get three different variations on this same question!.

Now I have tried all three, and there were three distinct tastes, a lot I am told has to do with the type of Grape, the fermentation after crushing, the length of time after pressing and juice poured into the wooden kegs!. I was also told the keg has a lot to do with the end product!.

So James what I am saying to you is, one can not say to you this is how you make it now go for your life, there are other factors even before you squeeze one grape, also there is know how, you could go out a spend big bucks and end up with wine vinegar!.

That was the Italians, then you have the French, Portuguese, Maltese that make home made wine, just to confuse you more!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

grapes and time baby!.!.!. Www@FoodAQ@Com

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